Ukrenergo could purchase bulletproof vests at an inflated cost – NABU


The National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the alleged purchase of 4th class body armor by Ukrenergo from a private company at an inflated cost.

This is stated in the decisions of the Appellate Chamber of the Higher Anti-Corruption Court dated August 9, “Word and Deed” reports.

According to the investigation, between March 2022 and May 2022, employees of Ukrenergo purchased from TOP Trading Line LLC “B2 4th class modular tactical body armor” for the total amount of UAH 20,212,500. At the same time, the price of one bulletproof vest was UAH 16,500 including VAT. At the same time, as the detectives established, the specified company during the same period sold the same bulletproof vests to other companies, including VAT non-payers, at prices ranging from UAH 8,530 to UAH 11,750 per unit.

Therefore, according to the detectives, the specified purchase could have been carried out with the aim of seizing state funds and causing losses to the state. As established by the forensic examination, the cost of the specified armored vehicles in April 2022 was UAH 8,166.67 including VAT. According to the results of a complex forensic commodity examination, the cost of these armored vehicles was determined to be UAH 8,193 including VAT per unit. Probable damages could amount to UAH 10.26 million.

NABU detectives searched Oleg Poyan, the head of supply chain management at NEC Ukrenergo PJSC. His phone was seized, on which correspondence regarding this purchase was found. The phone was recognized as physical evidence and it was seized. Poyan’s lawyer tried to remove the seizure from the phone, but the court refused him.

Detectives also searched the former economist of the Ukrenergo marketing research and economic security department Serhiy Sheremet. They also found a mobile phone with him, which contained correspondence about the specified purchase. The arrest of the phone was left in force.

In addition to the employees of Ukrenergo, NABU searched Maryna Bezrukova, whose mobile phone and laptop were also seized. Correspondence regarding these bulletproof vests was found on the equipment. The equipment also remained under arrest.

We will remind you that NABU is investigating the purchase of batteries by the Ukrzaliznytsia branch. Also, detectives are investigating the fact of theft at an unfinished school near Ivano-Frankivsk.

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Source: Ukrenergo could purchase bulletproof vests at an inflated cost – NABU


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