Ukrenergo limits electricity consumption for population, enterprises throughout Ukraine

Ukrenergo limits electricity consumption for population, enterprises throughout Ukraine

The transmission system operator, NPC Ukrenergo, announced that it was forced to apply schedules for limiting electricity consumption for consumers, including industrial ones, throughout Ukraine.

“In order to stabilize the operation of the power system, the dispatch center of NPC Ukrenergo was forced to apply restriction schedules for industrial and other categories of consumers in all regions of Ukraine,” the company said on its Facebook on Tuesday morning.

They once again explained that forced restrictions on electricity consumers are a completely controllable measure that allows reducing the load on the power grid and balancing the operation of the power system.

In a comment to its post, Ukrenergo added that it had already given the command to limit all categories of consumers, not only industry, and a distribution system operator in a region decides which consumers to turn off to execute this command.

The company also clarified that industrial customers may be subject to, among other things, Electricity Consumption Limit Schedules and, if that is not enough, Power Limit Schedules are introduced.

At the same time, the company once again emphasized that a deliberate reduction in electricity consumption, especially during morning and evening peak hours (6:00-11:00 and 17:00-23:00), reduces the risk of congestion in grids and the application of restrictions consumers.

“We ask consumers to consciously and carefully approach consumption of electricity, do not connect two or more powerful electrical appliances to the grid at the same time, and, if possible, transfer the use of some of them to the night period (washing machines, boilers, heaters, etc.),” Ukrenergo appealed to consumers.

As reported, according to Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, since the beginning of the war, 85 strikes by Russian troops had been carried out on the power system of Ukraine, of which 51 were in October.


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