Ukrposhta announced the sale of another 30,000 stamps with a Russian ship

Ukrposhta announced the sale of another 30,000 stamps with a Russian ship

About it in telegrams reported head of Ukrposhta Igor Smilyansky.

He noted that the start of the sale of additional circulation, amounting to 30 thousand marks, is dedicated to the fact that the Ukrainian military aimed at another Russian ship:

According to a good philatelic tradition, before the sale of the stamp, the series “Sunken Ships of Russia” was replenished, so today another ship joined it. 000 marks “Ship ON”.

The sale starts tomorrow, May 7 at 10.00.

“Tomorrow we will announce an Internet site (not Ukrposhta), which will sell the last 5,000 orders or 30,000 stamps of the first issue of” Ship ON “. Limit – 1 block for 1 order, as usual. who has been trying to put our systems down all week has not had time to prepare for tomorrow, “said Ihor Smilyansky.

The head of Ukrposhta also announced the following stamp on the ship theme, the release of which, he hopes, will coincide with the destruction of another Russian board:

We are already preparing the launch of a new brand “Ship EVERYTHING” with a coupon and the image of the first “Ship ON”, so that the series is over. We will announce the launch date next week, because together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Navy, we need to look closely at who is sailing where and set a launch date. “

  • We will remind, 1 million stamps “Ship ON” were issued. It was presented on April 12. They were sold out in a few days.
  • On April 22, at a charity auction from Prozorro.Sales, the Ukrainian brand Russian Warship was sold for UAH 5 million.
  • Ukrposhta announced the release of another military stamp “Ship ALL”.
  • He also plans to release a stamp with the “Dream” plane, drawn by an 11-year-old girl.

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