Ukrposhta opens a New Year residence for children and adults

Ukrposhta opens a New Year residence for children and adults

The general director of Ukrposhta informs about this Ihor Smilyanskyi.

“We really wanted to add at least a little bit of the atmosphere of the holiday. Especially for children, many of whom will celebrate the New Year for the first time with only one parent, not at home and, due to the lack of light, without the opportunity to watch their favorite Christmas tales. Therefore, from December 19 in our the New Year’s postal residence will be operational at the main post office,” Smilyanskyi writes.

Children will be able to chat with the wizard or write him a letter, a special box has been installed for this purpose. Master classes and other activities will also be held, the general director informs.

Adults can order gifts with free delivery at Ukrposhta and wish the defenders a happy holiday. The post office provides a greeting card for the Armed Forces free of charge.

“And what’s more, we can deliver this postcard or package even to the 0 front line!” – emphasizes Smilyanskyi.

Residences will be open in all central branches of regional centers, where the situation allows, from December 19 until the end of the year on weekends.

“I believe that our residence will give you a happy mood and restore faith in the best,” added the general director.

  • On November 1, Ukrposhta launched a vote for a sketch of a new stamp for Christmas and the New Year. There are 5 options to choose from. Voting took place on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. From among five options, Ukrainians chose the New Year’s stamp for Ukrposhta – “Separated by war”.
  • Subsequently, Ukrposhta announced the release of a new stamp dedicated to the explosion on the Crimean Bridge, and issued it on November 4.
  • On November 11, Ukrposhta announced the launch of the first stamp dedicated to the hero city of Kherson. In three days, Ukrainians bought 40% of the circulation of the stamp dedicated to the liberation of Kherson, so the rest of the stamps will be available for purchase offline only in December.
  • Ukrposhta also hinted at the possible issue of a stamp in honor of a raccoon that the occupiers stole from the Kherson zoo.
  • On December 1, for the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine this year, Ukrposhta issued a limited series of “Weapons of Victory” stamps. Only 200,000 sheets with six stamps will be printed.
  • On December 15, Ukrposhta announced the pre-order of the official New Year’s stamp, which will begin to be sold in branches from Monday.

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