Unknown persons poisoned animals in the Kharkiv Ecopark


About the killing of animals in the petting zoo area reported on the Feldman Ecopark Facebook page.

“We had a murder. Yes, real murder, and mass murder. All the animals of the contact zone for the smallest died: rabbits, guinea pigs and other furry animals, which the children were so happy about. Before the opening of the Chrysanthemum Ball, we made this area, and it was really the best place, which the children loved very much,” the message reads.

According to Ecopark, the autopsy showed that the animals were poisoned with arsenic.

“We filed a complaint with the police, we hope that the investigation will shed light on this crime. And in the meantime, be especially attentive to your pets, I would really not like such a tragedy to happen again somewhere else,” said the Ecopark.

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