US military base in Iraq comes under drone attack – Reuters


Photo: BuzzFeed

On the morning of October 18, drones attempted to attack the US military base in Iraq.

It is reported Reuters citing officials familiar with the situation.

According to journalists, the attack was carried out with the help of two drones. The military was able to shoot them down near the Al-Assad base.

Officials who spoke to Reuters declined to say who was suspected in the attack. At the same time, they reported that Washington is closely monitoring all groups operating in the region and associated with Iran.

This is the first attack on a US military base in Iraq in the last year.

It is worth noting that the attack happened a few hours after an explosion at a hospital in the Gaza Strip, which killed hundreds of Palestinians. The Hamas group blamed Israel for the attack, and a series of protests against Tel Aviv’s actions took place in the Middle East.

US President Joe Biden, commenting on the event, said that it was not Israel that struck the hospital in Gaza.

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Source: US military base in Iraq comes under drone attack – Reuters


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