US troops to defend Taiwan in case of unprecedented Chinese invasion - Biden - Ukraine News, World

US troops to defend Taiwan in case of unprecedented Chinese invasion – Biden – Ukraine News, World

The US Army will defend Taiwan if an unprecedented Chinese attack occurs on the island. About this American President Joe Biden said in an interview CBS.

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He was asked if the US would defend the island.

“Yes, if there is actually an unprecedented attack,” Biden replied.

He was asked to clarify – unlike Ukraine, will the US army, American men and women defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?

“Yes,” the US president replied.

At the same time, after the interview, the White House spokesman said that the US policy on Taiwan has not changed. Officially, the US remains strategically ambiguous about defending the island with US troops, but the Taiwan Relations Act obliges Washington to help the island arm itself in self-defense.

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REFERENCE. The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a state recognized by 17 countries, Ukraine de jure considers it a part of the PRC. Before being defeated by the communist regime of Mao Zedong in the civil war, it controlled the entire territory of China. Since 1949, it has controlled only Taiwan and a few small islands. The PRC considers Taiwan its province and declares its desire for “peaceful reunification.” Taiwan says it is ready to offer armed resistance if invaded.

Biden said in May that Washington will use the army if China tries to take Taiwan by force. “We support the One China policy, but that does not mean that China has jurisdiction to use force to seize Taiwan,” he explained Washington’s position.

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