VAKS arrested a deputy of the Volyn Regional Council


The higher anti-corruption court took into custody the deputy of the Volyn regional council from the “For the future” faction, Valenty Koshelnyk, with an alternative bail of 900,000 hryvnias. NABU and SAP suspect him of abuse of influence.

Such a decision was made on September 15 by Viktor Maslov, the investigative judge of VACS, “Slovo i Dilo” reports.

The detective of NABU and the prosecutor of SAP asked to arrest MP Koshelnyk with an alternative of UAH 1.047 million bail. The prosecutor read a number of protocols of the interrogation of the person involved, which recorded conversations between him and the applicant in the case. In particular, the deputy of the Volyn regional council promised to help with the victory in the auction for the purchase of a plot of land in the city of Volodymyr, Volyn region.

According to the investigating party, the suspect asked the applicant not to say anything to the mayor of Volodymyr Ihor Pallontsa about “money”, i.e. illegal gain. The deputy allegedly exerted influence on the mayor himself. The purser received funds in two installments: $10,000, and then the remaining $25,000.

After receiving the funds, he tried to hide the origin of the funds and sent his son to an exchange office, where he first checked the authenticity of the bills, and then exchanged dollars for euros. The funds were seized by NABU detectives, and the deputy himself was immediately detained.

“The request of the senior detective of NABU to be partially satisfied. Apply a preventive measure in the form of detention to the suspect Valentyn Ivanovych Koshelnyk. Determine the term of detention until November 10, 2023”the judge announced.

At the same time, an alternative in the form of UAH 900,000 bail was determined for the suspected deputy. In the case of depositing funds, the following duties will be assigned to him: to arrive at the first call; not to leave the Volyn region without permission; notify about a change of place of residence and place of work; refrain from communicating with witnesses; hand over foreign passports and wear an electronic bracelet.

We will remind, NABU and SAP exposed a deputy of the Volyn Regional Council. The deputy was accused of receiving an illegal benefit in the amount of 35,000 dollars. For these funds, he promised to assist a citizen in purchasing a plot of land located on the territory of one of the territorial communities of the Volyn region, in order to create a waste disposal enterprise on it. Later, the deputy was informed about the suspicion of abuse of influence.

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Source: VAKS arrested a deputy of the Volyn Regional Council


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