VAKS continued the duties of the ex-deputy general director of "Ukrinmash"

VAKS continued the duties of the ex-deputy general director of “Ukrinmash”

Higher Anti-Corruption Courtphoto: “Word and deed”

The higher anti-corruption court extended until December 11 the term of office of the former deputy general director of the state company “Ukrinmash” Yury Shramko. NABU and SAP suspect him of trying to seize $488,000.

Such a decision was made by VAX on October 11, “Slovo i Dilo” reports.

As you know, on August 12, VAKS determined Shramka 1.98 million hryvnias as a pledge with the following obligations: to arrive at each request; to report a change of residence and place of work; refrain from communicating with suspects and witnesses. In connection with the approach of the end date of the duties, the prosecutor of the SAP asked them to extend them.

“Grant the request. To extend the period of validity of the duties assigned to the suspect (Yuriy Shramka – ed.) for the period of validity of the resolution, in connection with the application of a preventive measure in the form of bail. The prosecutor of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office will be entrusted with the control over the implementation of the resolution. The validity period of the resolution is two months, until December 11, 2022 inclusive.”the decision states.

We will remind, July 29 NABU and SAP reported the suspicion to the former director general of “Ukrinmash” Serhiy Slyusarenko, his deputy Yury Shramko, exhibition manager of “Ukrinmash” Yehor Moskaltsy, chief specialist of the contract work department of “Ukrinmash” Vladyslav Storozhenko and representative of the Czech company European commercial and industrial company sro Dmytro Sivakov. They are charged with attempted embezzlement of $488,000.

The investigation established that in 2018, under a foreign economic contract, Ukrinmash carried out overhaul of AL-31F aircraft engines and remote boxes of units for Su-27 type aircraft for the needs of the Indonesian Air Force in the amount of 2.8 million dollars. Repairs were carried out directly by the Lutsk repair plant “Motor”.

Despite the fact that the employees carried out pre-contract work and ensured the conclusion of the contract, the management of “Ukrinmash” entered into an agency agreement with a private company, according to which it was supposed to ensure the signing of such a contract and accompany its execution. However, as the investigation established, the relevant services were not actually provided, and the act of completed works was forged. In general, the investigation established that “Ukrinmash” should have transferred 488,000 dollars to the private company. (11.7 million hryvnias at the NBU exchange rate at the time of the crime).

Thanks to the timely actions of detectives, the transaction was blocked. In 2020, VAKS seized the entire amount of funds that were planned to be unjustifiably transferred to a foreign company. They are still under arrest.

Fuente: VAKS continued the duties of the ex-deputy general director of “Ukrinmash”

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