VAKS reduced the bail of the director of the utility company “Obriy”


Maxim Gaevy

The higher anti-corruption court reduced the bail set for Maksym Gaev, the director of the municipal enterprise of the Kyiv Regional Council “Obriy”. NABU and SAP suspect him of an attempt to seize the funds of the “Center for Health Care” branch of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Such a decision was made by VAX on September 7, “Word and Deed” reports.

As you know, the anti-corruption court imposed a preventive measure on Gaev in the form of a 1,116,450 hryvnias deposit with the imposition of a number of obligations. The suspect’s lawyer filed a motion to reduce the amount of bail.

“The motion of the defense attorney to change the preventive measure, submitted in the interests of the suspect (Maxim Gaevy – ed.) to change the preventive measure, is to be granted. The preventive measure in the form of bail in the amount of UAH 1,116,450 should be changed in the part of determining the amount of the bail, namely to reduce the amount of bail for the suspect, sufficient to ensure the fulfillment of the duties assigned to him, provided for by the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine, to the amount of UAH 918,450.the decision reads.

The difference of UAH 198,000 was returned to the two mortgagors.

It will be recalled that NABU and SAP informed the six persons involved in the case of suspicion of an attempt to seize almost UAH 5 million of UZ. According to the investigation, in September-December 2020, UZ organized public purchases of 11,000 PCR tests for COVID-19. UZ officials helped the predetermined LLC to win in competitive bidding and agreed on prices that at that time were one and a half times higher than the market average β€” UAH 1,280/test instead of UAH 837/test.

However, the structural divisions of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” refused to agree on the conclusion of the contract with the winner due to the obvious inconsistency of the proposed price with market offers. And in this way they prevented the embezzlement of UAH 4.94 million.

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Source: VAKS reduced the bail of the director of the utility company “Obriy”


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