VAKS released businessman Kaufman from custody on bail


The higher anti-corruption court refused to extend the arrest of businessman Boris Kaufman and changed his preventive measure to UAH 155 million bail with obligations within the scope of the case of taking over the utility company “Odesa International Airport” and in the appropriation of UAH 2.5 billion of income from its activities.

On October 26, investigative judge Yaroslav Shkodin of the VAKS made such a decision, “Word and Deed” reports.

As you know, the anti-corruption court arrested Kaufman with an alternative bail of UAH 268.4 million. NABU and SAP asked to continue the arrest of the suspect. However, Judge Shkodin decided to release Kaufman from custody.

“The request of the detective is to be partially satisfied. To change the suspect (Boris Kaufman – editor) preventive measure from detention, applying a preventive measure in the form of bail in the amount of UAH 155,000,000”the decision reads.

Kaufman was assigned the following duties: to arrive at the first request; not to leave Odessa without permission; to report a change of residence; personally or through other persons, to refrain from communication with suspects, as well as with witnesses, and to hand over foreign passports.

The Prosecutor of the SAP submitted a complaint against this decision to the Appeals Chamber of the VAX.

It will be recalled that NABU and SAP informed about the suspicion to businessmen Boris Kaufman and Alex Borukhovich, as well as the former mayor of Odesa Oleksiy Kostusev and his ex-deputy. According to the investigation, in 2011 a group of persons, which included the former Odesa mayor, his deputy, the head of one of the limited liability companies and two businessmen, developed and implemented a criminal scheme, as a result of which the property complex of a strategic object – the international airport passed from the ownership of the territorial community to the joint ownership of the city and so-called private investors.

As a result of further actions of the participants of the scheme, the city completely lost any control over the specified object and did not receive any profit from its activity. Instead, the persons who gained control over the airport appropriated the income from its activities for years. To make it impossible for the airport to return to the city’s ownership, all its property was pledged to the bank for a loan, which was not repaid at all.

As a result of the implementation of the scheme, its participants took possession of the property of the airport in the amount of UAH 118 million and revenues from its activity in the amount of more than UAH 2.5 billion.

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Source: VAKS released businessman Kaufman from custody on bail


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