Vegetables, fruits and milk: how much the prices of popular products will increase in the fall of 2023


Chicken eggs may once again become the record holder for price growth this year.

How the prices of vegetables, fruits and dairy products will rise in autumn 2023 for Ukrainians /

In Ukraine, the prices of vegetables, fruits and dairy products may increase in the near future.

As reported head of the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy, Oleksandr Hajdu, the price of vegetables and fruits traditionally starts to rise in autumn, because during the cold weather they need to be stored in specialized storage facilities.

“This leads to an increase in the cost of production and a decrease in supply, because farms that do not have such storage facilities try to sell their products before the onset of cold weather, and farms that have warehouses try to “stretch” sales until the beginning of summer, when the price will be higher “, – noted Hajdu.

According to him, the price of vegetables and fruits will gradually increase by 5-10% every month. The cost of dairy products will also increase, but not critically – by 3-5%.

Also, in winter, you should again expect a significant increase in the price of eggs.

“The record holder for price growth this year will again be chicken eggs. A large share of eggs in Ukraine is produced precisely in small farms. Now we are at a point when the supply from households decreases and the price begins to rise. Therefore, it is highly likely that by the New Year holidays, prices will reach last year’s level, when eggs on the shelves cost about UAH 75 per dozen,” Haydu noted.

He also added that despite the projected price increase, the cost of most products in the fall of 2023 is still lower than last year. In particular, buckwheat fell in price more than 2 times. According to him, this year’s buckwheat harvest is a record, which will also contribute to lowering the price of groats.

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Prices for products in Ukraine

Average consumer food prices continued to decline in September 2023. However, this process took place much more slowly. Thus, in September, the price reduction of products amounted to only 0.6%, while in August it was 3.9%, and in July – 2.1% against the previous months. Consumer prices for vegetables (-9.7%) and fruits (-5.1%) decreased most significantly in September compared to August. At the same time, in August their decrease was 37.6% and 4.2%, respectively, and in July – 18.2% and 1.3%.

At the beginning of October, it became known that prices for vegetables from the “borscht set” “collapsed” in Ukraine. The prices of cabbage, onions and carrots fell the most at that time.

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