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First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Kornienko stated in an interview LIGA.netthat the people’s deputy Alexander Dubinskywho was arrested last week on suspicion of treason, entered parliament as part of a micro-project to nominate famous bloggers.

β€œThere was such a micro-project or sub-project – to nominate several well-known bloggers against the most odious representatives of the BPP regime and try to win. People elected them, they became deputies,” Kornienko said.

According to him, in 2019, Ukrainians were subscribed, in particular, to Dubinsky and sincerely believed him. Then, says the first deputy speaker, people did not have β€œblack and white” problems, there was no treason, there were no quotas for anyone (the journalist asked about the quota Igor Kolomoisky. – Ord.).

β€œIt cannot be denied that all this happened thanks to the rating and trust in one person – the president Vladimir Zelensky“, – he said.

Answering the question whether Kornienko feels responsible for the fact that the people’s deputy sitting in a pre-trial detention center was once the chairman of the Kiev regional organization, the official said: β€œI have a responsibility as the chairman of the party in those processes that were around Alexander, including. Perhaps β€œWe could have started kicking him out faster, or at least not given him the Kiev region.”

  • On November 13, the SBU and the State Bureau of Investigation conducted searches at Dubinsky’s place, later declaring him and four other people suspected of treason committed by the organization. According to the investigation, the group was engaged in discrediting Ukraine in the international arena and received money from the Russian GRU. Dubinsky was part of it and had the call sign β€œBuratino”.

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