Video of Zelensky's call to Macron on the morning of February 24: We are fighting in Kyiv.  This is not 2014 - Ukrainian news, Politics

Video of Zelensky’s call to Macron on the morning of February 24: We are fighting in Kyiv. This is not 2014 – Ukrainian news, Politics

On the morning of February 24, the day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky called the French leader Emmanuel Macron and announced the beginning of a great war. A fragment of the conversation between the presidents was captured on video and became part of a documentary about Macron Un président, l’europe et la guerre (“President, Europe and War”).

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“Now they are in Kyiv, we are fighting in Kyiv, Emmanuel,” Zelensky said.

The French President clarified whether Russia really sent its troops to attack the Ukrainian capital, to which Zelensky replied that they are everywhere – they are going to Kyiv, Odessa, from Belarus, and Ukraine is fighting throughout its territory.

“We couldn’t imagine it. It’s not the same as in 2014. It’s much more,” Zelensky said, in response to which Macron stated – “this is a total war.”

Zelensky urged Macron to talk to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and also stated the need to organize an anti-war coalition. The President of Ukraine expressed confidence that the American leader Joe Biden and European leaders will join the coalition and call on Putin to stop the war. Zelensky was sure that Putin would listen to them.

Macron speaks to Zelensky the morning of the invasion. This is the beginning of Zelensky’s transformation from mild-mannered president to war chief.

— Eleanor Beardsley (@ElBeardsley) September 7, 2022

Movie Un Président, l’Europe et la guerre aired on French television on June 30th. It tells about the events in the Elysee Palace and Macron’s European trips in the context of the outbreak of a full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

“France assumes the Presidency of the Council of the EU on January 1, 2022. As he assumes his mandate, the French president intends to push through many reforms with his partners. But the war in Ukraine changes his plans. A stunned Europe is forced to face the most serious crisis since the Second World War” , says the description of the documentary.

  • The film also revealed the content of the telephone conversation between Macron and Putin, which took place on February 20. Macron asked Putin for “understanding of the situation” to “reveal his intentions” to him, and the Russian dictator responded by saying that Zelensky “lies and does nothing,” referring to the Minsk agreements.

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