Вовчанськ вдома: у прикордонному місті шукають зрадників, які не встигли втекти 5

Vovchansk at home: the border town is looking for traitors who did not manage to escape News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The road to Ukrainian Vovchansk – destroyed enemy equipment and traces of occupation. The first desire is to remove the racist tricolor. There are few people on the street. Filtration measures are currently being carried out in the city. They say that not all supporters of Russian peace managed to escape, so they are being searched for.


Many left, but some stayed. But these are such weather vanes. They are like that – wherever the wind blows, there they will go. And the zealots flowed, that is the way for them. Why didn’t they run away earlier? They arranged a war for us, and we remained on the sidelines. They sent their children abroad, and brought the Russian Federation here. Do I need it? This is how I felt in Ukraine. My grandfather is Ukrainian, my father, great-grandfather is Ukrainian.

Six months in occupation. The occupiers distributed some products, but the list of foods was very limited and many things were missing.

Lidia Mykytivna

Humanitarka was given cereal, canned goods. And there was no money to buy soap, no medicine either, there was no money. I think they won’t give us money, they used to get it on the card, and we? What is the difference, what we were not given. And whether they will give or not – this is our concern. And so, thank God, that ours returned.

Yulia Viktorivna

There is not enough medicine, specifically Ukrainian, it helped me. I am hypertensive, had a stroke, had a heart attack, so I need everything, but he is dumb.

head of the Central Military District Group of the 125th Battalion of the Military Intelligence Service, call sign “Banderas”

The dams that lead to Vochansk are broken, so movement is problematic. Filtering is carried out by the police and the SBU, our task is different. These days there is no government in the settlements. Our fighters interact with the population, help with food. The occupiers have turned off the lights, we want to connect at least the bakeries so that the population receives hot bread.

Lyubov did not have time to leave Vovchansk with her husband and children, so she had to experience all the horrors of the occupation.


Our bags are still packed. We move things back and forth. We wanted to leave, but since we were suddenly occupied … We have an apartment in the city, the child studied at the Gorky school, he studied in Kharkov. And it happened at 5 o’clock. My husband calls me, says – Lyuba, we were fired upon. But their shelling, from the other side. The school was destroyed, my brother died there.

Just before the release, unknown persons came to the man and ordered him to go with them.


I say, let me go with you, they allowed me to go to my car. Stink in your car, three in civilian clothes, the prosecutor’s office and the police. They arrived in the middle, I got lost in the car. For two hours that he was not there, they tortured him – they tied a wire, connected the current, he was thrown up from the floor like that. He went out, he goes, but he barely goes. They beat him in the face, but he did not feel it. After the current, he says, I didn’t feel whether it hurt or not hurt – I didn’t feel it.

The woman was waiting for de-occupation and hoped to see her military son.


I saw the child an hour ago, my brothers saw him one and a half, maybe two years ago. I’m proud of my son, you know.

Lyubov’s son says that he was able to take his family to a safe place, but his parents, who remained in the occupation, became an additional motivation to work for the liberation of the homeland at full strength.

It was hard. The most difficult moment was when the shelling was going on. And also the family is at home, and here you have your own work for the intended purpose, and you think for this and for that. But when I sent my family to a safe place, I feel like a stone from my soul.

According to the military, the role of Teroborona in liberating the homeland from the invaders is huge.

head of the Central Military District Group of the 125th Battalion of the Military Intelligence Service, call sign “Banderas”

The representatives and fighters are local residents who from the first days began to come to our battalion and defend their native land. And the role of TrO has become very important, because the liberation of the native land is the best motive.

First of all, they plan to restore crossings here, which will be used to constantly deliver humanitarian aid to the city.

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