Vyacheslav Chornovil was born 85 years ago

Vyacheslav Chornovil was born 85 years ago

About this reminds parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

“One thing is indisputable: if at one time he had not appeared among us, lonely, untimely brave and, as it seemed, dangerously sure – then what would have happened next? And what would we have become? And didn’t he sow in the then still cold earth that the seed that gave birth to a generation that today stood up to defend the honor, freedom and independence of the Motherland?”, the article states.

“Sometimes it’s a shame when you think that he didn’t see how that seed sprouted and turned green,” the Voice of Ukraine emphasizes.

The publication calls the current generation of defenders of Ukraine the one that grew up on Chornovol’s ideas.

“History loves dramatic collisions. The biography of Vyacheslav Maksymovich is a confirmation of this. After all, the generation capable of boldly, unconditionally and even cheerfully fighting for the principles that Chornovil defended came after his death. These are mostly those who became adults on the Maidans in 2004- or 2013/14. Now they are fighting for Ukraine…”, – it is noted in the material dedicated to Chornovol.


On his father’s side, Chornovil came from the Cossack family of Chornovoliv, on his mother’s side, from the family of Ukrainian sugar growers and patrons, the Tereshchenkos.

He was imprisoned three times for “anti-Soviet propaganda” (1967-1969, 1972-1979 1980-1988), having spent more than 15 years in captivity, write “Evening Kyiv”.

Withstood 83 interrogations, receiving the nicknames “Restless”, “Motor of the Mordovian Zones”, “Zekiv General” from the KGB.

“If you asked me if I regret the way my life turned out, the 15 years I served, I would say: not at all. And if I had to start all over again and choose, I would choose the life I lived,” he said later .

During the first national elections of the President of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Chornovil was the highest rated candidate from the democratic forces. According to the voting results, he won second place, receiving 23.27% of voter support. Leonid Kravchuk, a yesterday’s communist, ex-head of the ideological department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, then became the president.

Chornovil died in a mysterious road accident that happened on the Boryspil highway on March 25, 1999. It was also a presidential election year. On them, Leonid Kuchma led Ukraine for the second time.

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