Washing machines with a steam function: features and advantages |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Washing machines with a steam function: features and advantages | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

When choosing a washing machine for the home, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the external dimensions and economy of water and electricity consumption, but also to the optimal set of functions of the device. It is desirable that the unit includes not only traditional, but also new high-tech functional capabilities, such as, for example, processing linen with hot steam. Let’s consider why the laundry steam function is needed, and whether it is worth overpaying for it when buying a washing machine.

Delicate washing mode

Any modern washing machine with the function of steam treatment of laundry is considered a head higher than the usual one according to the criterion of washing delicacy. There is no other function that allows you to handle linen more carefully and not to deform it by mechanical impact, than a steam blow. Home washing machines with such a function have a unique ability to whiten, remove stains and refresh delicate laundry using hot steam treatment, which is produced inside the device and fed into the laundry drum. This is the most delicate washing mode, which is excellent for silk, wool, viscose, natural linen and other fabrics sensitive to mechanical impact, which may deform and lose their beauty during normal washing. Steam treatment effectively removes dirt and makes laundry fresher, cleaner and more fragrant. You can choose the optimal washing machine model with the innovative function of steam blow here foxtrot.com.ua.


Washing machines with the function of a steam generator are able not only to carefully unlock the most delicate things, but also to significantly simplify their further ironing with an iron. Actually, smoothing out the folds may not be necessary at all, if the “freshen with steam” option was activated during washing in the machine. The steam blast delicately smooths out wrinkles and gently moisturizes the laundry, thanks to which it can be hung out to dry without further ironing. It’s no secret that the thermal effect of a hot iron is one of the factors that shorten the service life of clothes. Therefore, by replacing frequent traditional ironing with steam treatment of laundry in a washing machine, you can significantly extend the useful life of things, as well as save electricity, which was previously spent on the process of ironing laundry. It is especially advisable to use the “steam treatment” function when washing cotton and other fabrics that wrinkle a lot and that are not so easy to iron with an iron.

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