“We are watching closely”: NATO reacted to the fall of the wreckage of a drone in Romania



NATO is closely monitoring the situation in Romania, which has developed due to the fall of the debris of the drone on the territory of the country.

About this stated official representative of the Alliance, Dylan White.

Romania informed NATO that it found the wreckage of a drone on its territory, not far from the border with Ukraine.

“Romania informed NATO allies about this incident at a meeting of the North Atlantic Council, and the allies expressed strong solidarity with Romania. Since last year, in response to Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, NATO has significantly increased its presence in the Black Sea region. We continue to closely monitor the situation and maintain close contact with our ally Romania.”White commented.

It will be recalled that Ukraine immediately announced that on the night of September 4, during the Russian attack on the Odesa region, drones fell and detonated on the territory of Romania. There is evidence of this, Dmytro Kuleba emphasized.

Romania denied this fact. On the evening of September 5, President Klaus Iohannis announced that there was no evidence of Russian kamikaze drones falling in Romania.

Yesterday, September 6, the wreckage of at least one of the Russian drones was still found. The Romanian authorities promised to conduct an investigation.

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Source: “We are watching closely”: NATO reacted to the fall of the wreckage of a drone in Romania


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