We have the result – dozens of units of destroyed enemy equipment: how the crew of the National Guard UAV works |


National Guard Skywatcher Wing An economist-auditor by profession, the man could not sit at home from the beginning of the full-scale invasion and stood up for the defense of the Motherland from the first day. Behind his shoulders is the experience of combat operations in the ATO zone and the ability to control large reconnaissance drones.

Wing, National Guardsman

On the morning of the 24th, I went to the military commissariat and in the evening I was already in military unit 3017. On the second day, we went to the district to stop a convoy of Russian tanks, I got to my unit a little later. I fly on “wings”, not only on copters, and “wings” are very important, because you need to be able to control them and have experience.

Wing is the commander of the UAV crew and says that before the flight you have to take into account everything down to the smallest details, whether it is the starting place, the direction of the wind, where the sun shines from and many other aspects.

Wing, National Guardsman

The team must work harmoniously, everyone must know what to do, one handles the antenna, the second adjusts the aircraft, the third downloads the program, that is, it is completely the work of the team. It is important to plan the flight, because it also depends on the execution of the mission – it is not just to fly from point “A” to point “B”, there are many factors that need to be foreseen. We do all this and our successes speak for themselves.

The National Guardsman shares that the main feature is that their “bird” is their own development, which demonstrates great success on the battlefield, they paid attention to all the elements and made it exactly for the needs of the unit.

Wing, National Guardsman

We all did it together and we have the result, in general, it is dozens of destroyed very expensive, rare armored vehicles, it is destroyed artillery, destroyed EW means. From the extreme, I can say that it was work on the enemy’s art, which was on the “stretcher”, these are goals that cannot be reached by “maviks” and conventional means, this is exactly what our aviation complex was created for. The Grad systems and self-propelled guns were destroyed. Also, the extreme case was in the Zaporizhzhia direction, this was the destruction of a very rare enemy EW station that interfered with our guys, and thanks to the secure communication system, we were able to approach this target, identify it, provide coordinates and destroy it with artillery means.

The fighter shares that this is just the beginning, they are constantly improving their skills, modernizing their complex and doing everything for our victory.

Wing, National Guardsman

Only victory motivates me, as it has been since the first day I have been here, when we were sent to stop a convoy of Russian tanks outside the city. Then my parents’ house was just a kilometer behind me and there simply couldn’t be a better motivation. Then, when Kharkiv was shelled, my parents did not leave the basement for three months. We did everything possible and impossible, slept one or two hours a day, destroyed and destroyed the enemy. And even now, when Kharkiv is safer than it was, the motivation still spread throughout the country. And the guys who serve with me, many of whom have occupied homes, they are all motivated to the maximum – to destroy the enemy and drive him out of our country.

Source: Eastern operational-territorial unit of the National Guard of Ukraine

We have the result - dozens of units of destroyed enemy equipment: how the crew of the National Guard UAV works 9

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