We need to start production of our own air defense system, - Ariev

We need to start production of our own air defense system, – Ariev

People’s deputy from “EU” Volodymyr Ariev stated this on Espresso.

“The priority should be air defense. We will be given it now, maybe next year, but Russia’s information campaign for the population of our partner countries is working against the background of the absence of a similar one from Ukraine. We absolutely do not work with an audience that is critically important for us,” he noted. he.

According to the people’s deputy, there is a high probability that governments will change and aid will begin to decrease.

“At this time, we must prepare for our own defense by our own efforts. We had to develop tactics a long time ago, from the moment when Russia purchased Iranian drones. We had to immediately purchase anti-aircraft missiles – anti-aircraft complexes and install them near key nodes and energy and military facilities. Even in the summer it was clear that they would attack power facilities in the winter. They did not wait for winter,” Ariev said.

The People’s Deputy noted that Ukraine has not purchased and prepared its own air defense systems.

“Although a year ago KB Luch said that for $40 million and in 2 years it can make its unique air defense system. If we do not start it now, we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation after the governments in the West can theoretically change We need to prepare in this way, I don’t see others,” he concluded.

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