We will not accept peace on Russia's terms: Scholz at the UN General Assembly

We will not accept peace on Russia’s terms: Scholz at the UN General Assembly

This is about Scholz stated on twitter.

“If we want Putin’s war to end, we cannot be indifferent to exactly how it ends. Therefore, we will not accept a peace dictated by Russia, and we will not recognize any pseudo-referendums. Therefore, Ukraine must be able to defend itself against Russian invasion.” – he emphasized.

It is noted that Scholz began the speech by emphasizing the importance of maintaining a world order based on rules, not the “right of the stronger,” and stressed that for this, countries cannot stand aside when these principles are violated.

Approaching the topic of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine, he called Putin’s actions “flagrant imperialism”, actually repeating the words of French President Macron.

He called the announced pseudo-referendums of the Russian Federation a new round of escalation of Russian aggression, since Russia can then call the Ukrainian counteroffensive “an attack on itself.”

The chancellor did not say what reaction he proposed in response to Russia’s holding of fake referendums.

He also emphasized that the rules of the international order must be constantly adapted to reality, and called for the reform of UN institutions.

  • On September 21, French President Emmanuel Macron stated at the session of the UN General Assembly that the countries that refuse to take Ukraine’s side in the war against Russia are “accomplices” of the new Russian imperialism.

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