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The location of the region is the north-east of the Left-bank Ukraine. The natural landscape is predominantly flat, with numerous forests, meadows, rivers and mineral springs. The relief of the region is complemented by the Donetsk Upland and Central Russian spurs.

Weather in Kharkov region characterized by moderation all year round: the average annual temperature is -9 °С … +25 °С. The hottest summer month is July, the coldest in winter is January.

Weather forecast Kharkov region

Summer begins in May and lasts until the beginning of September, daytime temperature, on average, +20 °C, nighttime +9 °C. The most comfortable summer weather in Kharkiv region falls in August. The most cloudless months are June, July, more cloudy in August. High humidity and frequent rainfall are more characteristic of the spring and autumn seasons.

Winter pleases skiers and children with stable snowfall starting from the end of autumn. The most abundant month in terms of rainfall is January. In February, because of the wind, there are frequent snowstorms with unpleasant prickly grains. The average temperature in the winter season is -8 °С during the day, -14 °С at night.

Recreation and tourism in Kharkiv region

Kharkiv region, which is also called Slobozhanshchina, is full of historical monuments and iconic places. This region is covered with military glory, legends and tales. Here is the famous city of Donets, which was destroyed by the horde of Batu, here archaeologists have found many settlements of Scythian and Sarmatian tribes. The region has 135 nature reserves, among them – reserves, parks, tracts, botanical gardens and a zoo. Most of these places are best visited in the summer to enjoy the beauty to the fullest. The presence of mineral waters gave impetus to the development of health resort tourism, well-known institutions in the region – Ray-Olenevka, the resort of Berezovskie Minvody and others.

From May 10 to September 10 the most comfortable weather for hiking, traveling through historical, resort, protected areas, which are rich in Kharkov region. Weather favorable in summer, for those who like to spend the summer on the river beach Kharkov region fits perfectly. Use our Telegram bot to always stay up to date with the vagaries of nature.

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