What church holiday is December 20, 2022

What church holiday is December 20, 2022

What Orthodox holiday do believers celebrate on December 20 and what should be done on this day – read on UNIAN.

Ambrose was born in 340 in Gaul, where his father was the ruler. Having lost his mother early, he was given to his sister for upbringing. He received a good education, and therefore became the ruler of two regions. He knew his business, was kind and just, for which people loved him. Later he became a bishop – he fought against the Arian heresy and paganism.

The idolaters were indignant, Ambrose calmed them down, and when Emperor Theodosius ordered the execution of the disobedient, the saint accused him of cruelty. The ruler did not cancel his order, but came to Ambrose to partake of the Holy Mysteries. The monk did not allow the emperor to take communion. Theodosius repented and was then honored by God.

Saint Ambrose died in 397 and in his honor today is celebrated a national holiday on December 20 – Ambrose day.

The Orthodox holiday of December 20 is the day of commemoration of Neil Stolobensky

Before his death, Neil wanted to know the Holy Mysteries, the Lord fulfilled the saint’s wish and sent him the abbot of the Nikol Monastery. Venerable Neil Stolobensky died in 1554.

Signs of December 20

Folk signs today / photo UNIAN (Andrii Horb)

Folk signs today / photo UNIAN (Andrii Horb)

  • the sun in the haze – expect bad weather;
  • it snows on this day – the summer will be rainy;
  • clear weather without precipitation – the summer period will be dry;
  • the cat drinks a lot of water – frost will soon hit.

What can’t be done today

On Ambrose, women are forbidden to sew, knit and do laundry. You can also not comb your hair and wash your head. Those who violate the ban will face a large number of diseases and bad luck. The Slavs did not hold loud parties on this day – it was believed that the one who can endure until the end of the day and not drink a gram – will be healthy throughout the winter.

What can be done on December 20

Despite the fact that you can’t have too much fun on this day, no one forbids you to gather for a family dinner. On the contrary, beliefs indicate that relatives, who found time for each other on December 20, thereby strengthened their lineage and the strength of their ancestors.

Today, you can also prepare products and do farming, the main thing is not to process. As on any other church holiday, it is forbidden to quarrel on Ambrose.

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