What holiday is today, September 13, 2023, according to the new church calendar


What holiday do believers celebrate today and the main prohibitions of the day.

Church holiday on September 13 /

On September 13, according to the new church calendar, the memory of the holy martyr Cornelius the Centurion is commemorated, as well as the Restoration of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem is celebrated. We talk about the traditions of this day and prohibitions on the church holiday in the material.

September 13, 2023 – what a holiday today and according to the old style

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ was built in 335. Before that, back in the 1st century, the Roman emperor Titus attacked Jerusalem and razed the city to the ground. When the ruler Hadrian came to power (after 60 years), he built a Roman colony on the ruins of Jerusalem, and a temple of Venus on Mount Calvary, where sacrifices were made to pagan gods. In this way, they tried in every possible way to erase the memory of Christ.

But at the beginning of the 4th century, during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great, his mother, equal to the apostles, Queen Elena, found the burial place of Jesus in Jerusalem. The pagan temple was dismantled, and the Church of the Resurrection of Christ was built in its place and consecrated.

Today, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ also includes Mount Calvary, the place where Jesus was crucified, and a number of churches and monasteries.


Cornelius lived in Caesarea Palestine in the 1st century. He was a pagan and a Roman centurion, but he led a pious life.

According to legend, an Angel once appeared to him during prayer and said that he was heard by God, and also told Cornelius to find Simon the Apostle Peter in Joppa, as if he “will tell you the words by which you and your whole house will be saved.”

When the apostle Peter came to the house of Cornelius, he was received with great honors. The apostle preached about the Savior, and Cornelius believed and was baptized together with the whole family. He became the first pagan to be baptized.

After that, the centurion decided to leave everything worldly and go on a mission with Peter. The apostle consecrated Cornelius as bishop of Caesarea Palestine, and then sent him to Skepsia to fight against idolatry. When Cornelius entered the pagan temple and began to pray, he collapsed. After that, all the inhabitants of the city and the knzt accepted Christianity.

Cornelius died in old age and was buried not far from the same ruined temple.

The saint and the holiday are honored September 13 according to the new church calendar (from September 1, 2023). They are remembered in the old style September 26.

Holiday September 13, according to the old style – Position of the honest girdle of the Holy Mother of God.

Folk omens for September 13

Folk omens for September 13 / Folk omens for September 13 /

According to the signs of the day, they looked at what the weather and winter would be like:

  • a red moon – to a strong wind;
  • rooks have already flown away – winter will be early;
  • the rain of this day is the last of this year, there will be no more; but the harvest will be good.

In the folk calendar, September 13 is the Cornelius holiday or autumn Easter. The day was so nicknamed because on this holiday in the churches dedicated to the renewal of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem, services are performed in the Easter manner.

September 13 – what can’t be done today

There are several strict prohibitions on this day:

  • it is forbidden to start quarrels, scandals, swearing;
  • one cannot refuse help and alms;
  • you cannot clean the house;
  • do not go to a wedding or courtship – the marriage will be unsuccessful.

It is advised not to have fun on this day – it is believed that you will have to cry later.

What can be done on September 13

On this day, you can go to church and pray, let go of resentment. It is good to do a good deed – to help the needy, to give advice to someone who doubts.

In the old days, root crops – carrots, beets, late potatoes, turnips – were collected on this day and dishes were necessarily prepared from them – it was believed that they would bring peace to the family.

Previously, we published the Orthodox calendar for September 2023 with dates in a new style.

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