What is happening in Energodar.  The Ukrainian army does not shell the city, this is a provocation - the mayor - news from Ukraine, Regional news

What is happening in Energodar. The Ukrainian army does not shell the city, this is a provocation – the mayor – news from Ukraine, Regional news

Energodar mayor Dmitry Orlov claims that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not strike at the city captured by the Russians on the Dnieper in the Zaporozhye region, and the explosions and gunfire heard by local residents are a provocation by the invaders. Orlov, who is not under occupation, outlined his vision of the situation in Telegram.

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According to him, the Energodar residents “got the impression” that the Russians fired into the air, feigning a shootout, and fired mines at the garage near the SBU building.

“Shelling” of the building of the SBU is a provocation of the Rashists. As well as subsequent shooting in the air in the streets. There is no point in shelling the SBU building by ours, since it has not been used by the orks themselves for a long time, and our special services are aware of this,” Orlov wrote.

On the afternoon of 12 July he addedthat the occupiers “continue provocations: they spread statements on their propaganda channels that the Armed Forces of Ukraine seem to have shelled residential areas of the city in broad daylight.”

“In Energodar, shots and explosions are indeed heard again today. They are heard from the industrial zone. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine have nothing to do with them,” he assured.

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The mayor suggested that the probable reason for the provocations was to sow panic, provoke people to leave in mass, in order to use the traffic jams in the Vasilyevka area as a human shield before the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He urged residents to refrain from moving along the streets, not to approach windows, not to pick up unfamiliar objects or packages.

Telegram “Energodar” informedthat the information spread in the media about “arrivals” in the industrial zone of the Zaporozhye NPP “is not confirmed: garbage is burning nearby.”

Same channel at night wrotethat “at about 00:40 and 03:40 to 04:20, drones attacked the premises of the SBU, which was occupied by Russian servicemen. There is no data on the victims of the enemy, since the occupiers hide any information about the consequences.”

Today the music group TNMK released a video for the song “Energodar is Ukraine!”:

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  • On July 11-12, the occupiers brought propagandists to the Zaporozhye NPP, including Artemy Lebedev, a popular designer in the Russian Federation.
  • Russia is spreading fakes about the liberation of the south of Ukraine, talking about the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Nova Kakhovka, they write in the National Security and Defense Council.

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