what prices are offered by the regulator

what prices are offered by the regulator

Next year, Ukrainians can expect a gradual increase in the price of water supply and drainage services.

Water tariffs may increase twice for Ukrainians in 2023 / photo ua.depositphotos.com In 2023, Ukrainians may increase water tariffs twice / photo ua.depositphotos.com

The National Commission for State Regulation in the Energy and Utilities Sector (NKREKP) has published a draft resolution, according to which Ukrainians can expect an increase in water tariffs in 2023.

According to published draft resolutions, the first price increase for water supply and drainage is planned from January 1, and the second – from July 2023. However, the final decision has not yet been made. New tariffs are planned to be considered on December 27.

It is noted that water tariffs will not change in the Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, as these regions have suffered greatly as a result of Russian aggression.

In the draft resolution, the regulator proposes to establish the following prices for drainage and water supply in regional centers:

💦 Kyivvodokanal – 39.28 hryvnias (21.69/17.59);

💦 Kharkivvodokanal – 24.52 hryvnias (13.36/7.07);

💦 Lvivvodokanal – 29.12 hryvnias (19.44/9.68);

💦 Dniprovodokanal – 37.36 hryvnias (22.57/14.79);

💦 Poltava Vodokanal – 42.13 hryvnias (22.24 hryvnias/cubic hryvnias/19.88 hryvnias/cubic);

💦 Dnipro-Kirovohrad (Kropivnytskyi) – 54.22 hryvnias (30.19/24.036);

💦 Vodokanal in Uzhhorod – 50.27 hryvnias (30.75/19.51);

💦 Zhytomyrvodokanal – 51.80 hryvnias (24.97/26.83);

💦 Infoxvodokanal (Odesa) – 42.24 hryvnias (21.94/20.28);

💦 Kherson Vodokanal – 30.67 hryvnias (15.78/14.91);

💦 Rivneoblvodokanal – 41.86 hryvnias (22.29/19.57);

💦 Chernihivvodokanal – 39,816 hryvnias (19.82/19.99);

💦 Cherkassyvodokanal – 34.94 hryvnias (18.73/16.21);

💦 Ivanofrankivskvodoekotehprom – 31.29 hryvnias (14.50/16.78);

💦 Khmelnitskyvodokanal – 31.17 hryvnias (16.03/15.62);

💦 Dnipro-Western Donbas – 46.74 hryvnias;

💦 Lutskvodokanal – 31.73 hryvnias (13.76/17.96);

💦 Zaporizhzhia Waterworks – 33.85 hryvnias (21.05/12.80);

💦 Vinnytsia Oblvodokanal – 37.29 hryvnias (24.57/12.72);

💦 Chernivtsi Water Canal – 30.63 hryvnias (20.95/9.68);

💦 Ternopilvodokanal – 44.46 hryvnias (21/23.46);

💦 Miskvodokanal SM (Sumi) – 36.01 hryvnias (18.06/17.95);

💦 Mykolaivvodokanal – 34.04 hryvnias (14.61/13.76).

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Tariffs for communal services in Ukraine

As UNIAN reported, in August the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, signed laws introducing a moratorium on raising utility tariffs. Yes, during martial law and 6 months after its end, prices for gas, heating and hot water in Ukraine will not change.

In September, the government extended the term of special duties (SOD) on the natural gas market until April 30, 2023. This means that the price of blue fuel for heat producers will remain unchanged for this period, which gives the local authorities the opportunity not to raise the tariffs for heat and hot water for the population.

And in October, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the effect of special duties on the electricity market until March 31, 2023, as a result of which electricity tariffs for the population will not change until the end of the heating season.

In December, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced that the Cabinet of Ministers had allocated UAH 14 billion in subventions to local budgets. This will make it possible not to change tariffs for heat and hot water for the population.

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