What the world is saying about the war in Ukraine on January 20

What the world is saying about the war in Ukraine on January 20

The New York Times:

Edition analyzes, how German Leopard 2 tanks can help Ukraine. This is one of the world’s leading battle tanks, which has been used by the German army for decades, as well as by the armies of many other European countries. Experts believe that the supply of Leopard 2 will help compensate for Russia’s advantage in artillery power, because it helped Moscow capture two cities in the Luhansk Region back in the summer. These tanks are easy to deliver to Ukraine, they are relatively easy to repair, all the necessary spare parts are available in Europe, which would also simplify the training of the Ukrainian military.

There is still a consensus regarding the delivery of the Leopard 2 that is needed by Ukrainian fighters did not reach. “None of us can say today when a decision will be made and what it will be,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said. However, he argues that there is a false impression that Germany stands in the way of a coalition that wants to provide these tanks.

CIA director William Burns visited Kyiv with a secret visit. He met with Zelenskyi and representatives of Ukrainian intelligence. Burns periodically visited Ukraine before, but the details of these visits are not disclosed. However, one of the American officials told the media that this trip was aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s ongoing support and its defense against Russian aggression. The Ukrainian leadership also does not comment on the meeting. Meanwhile, the NYT emphasizes that this visit took place at a “decisive moment in the war.”

What the world is saying about the war in Ukraine

The Washington Post:

American edition publishes material about the consequences of a rocket strike in the Dnipro a week later. In particular, about the search for those who were under the rubble. During the days when the debris was being cleared, relatives of the missing stood outside in the cold, hoping for a miracle. However, the chances of finding anyone else alive were diminishing by the hour, and the reality was that many of them were simply impossible to find. The sheer force of the explosion, caused by a Russian X-22 missile, left some victims burned, dismembered or otherwise unidentifiable. Many of the dead were on the lower floors of the building when the rocket hit, destroying part of the building, say the media and add to the stories of eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are preparing until the next Russian invasion. “Russia is now gathering forces for another escalation. Together with our partners, we must make it clear to the Russian authorities that no escalation will help them. The defeat of Russian aggression must remain the only option,” WP quotes Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Also in another material of the publication appeals to Zelenskyi’s statement that time is playing into Russia’s hands, so Ukrainians need weapons as soon as possible. During the entire Davos forum, it was the loudest sounds questions about weapons for Ukraine. “Give them tanks,” Johnson insists. “We have constantly underestimated the willingness and ability of Ukrainians to fight and defend their Motherland. They have proven the world completely wrong. They are going to win. We must help them win as soon as possible.”

Rosatom works on the Russian military industry, despite the fact that it positioned itself as a civilian company. This may trigger sanctions against him. In addition, Rosatom is involved in the seizure of the ZNPP. The company has so far avoided sanctions, in part because of concerns about the potential economic fallout from its extensive involvement in civilian nuclear power around the world, including in Western Europe and the United States. The Ukrainian side calls for sanctions to be introduced against the company as soon as possible, as cooperation with it is dangerous for all countries.

What the world is saying about the war in Ukraine

The Guardian:

In his speech at Ramstein, Zelenskyi urged Germany to make a principled decision to send tanks. “Russia is concentrating its forces, its last forces, trying to convince everyone that hatred can be stronger than the world,” he said. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also made a veiled reference to the tanks at the start of the Ramstein meeting, urging Germany and other Western allies to go further to help Ukraine repel Russia.

Meanwhile, Moscow in its statements warns, that the West will “regret” sending military aid to Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmytro Peskov also said that relations between Russia and the United States are at “the lowest point in history” and there is “no hope” for improvement in bilateral relations “in the near future.”

Edition informsthat the UK is offering qualified support for the creation of a special tribunal to hold the Russian civilian and military leadership, including Vladimir Putin, accountable for war crimes in Ukraine.

To the place of intense fighting in Soledar arrived the first UN humanitarian column. A convoy of three trucks left the Dnipro on Friday morning with food, water, hygiene kits and medicines for 800 people, and has now reached its destination. This is the first interdepartmental convoy to reach the area since the beginning of the war

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Media too write about the position of Germany, which states that it still has not made a decision about sending tanks. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is still expected to make a decision on the requests.

Another article of the publication is devoted to France. mass media informs, that Macron proposes to significantly increase French defense spending amid the war in Ukraine. “We must be ready for more brutal, more numerous and more ambiguous wars,” he said.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompts neighboring Moldova to think about whether the country needs to depart from the neutrality enshrined in the constitution and still join NATO. “There is now a serious debate about our ability to defend ourselves, whether we can do it alone or whether we should be part of a larger alliance,” Maja Sandu told Politico.

Speak with the Russians about the end of the war in vain. The open division and infighting within both the Kremlin and the military-political establishment is over how to wage the war, not Russia’s future leader, and public support for the war appears to remain high.

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The publication also reports on Germany’s lack of decision regarding tanks, accentuating on Zelensky’s statement that there is “no alternative” to sending main battle tanks to Ukraine. In contrast, CNN writes about the Netherlands sending Patriot systems.


Edition tells about what equipment the world will transfer to Ukraine. In particular, he reminds us of the aid package from the US in the amount of 2.5 billion dollars and tanks 1674244689 999 What the world is saying about the war in Ukraine from Great Britain. From February 2022, Ukraine received more than 200 T-72s from Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. Still waiting for a decision on the Leopard 2, the Ukrainian army continues, but the US has announced the delivery of 90 Strykers, as well as 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which have been widely used by the US military in Iraq.

Gazeta Wyborcza:

Polish journalists are reported about the increase in the number of victims in the Dnipro, now there are 46 of them. Another person who was in the hospital died. As a result of the explosion, 80 people were injured, 14 are still in the hospital. Three are in serious condition, among them a nine-year-old girl.

Also edition quotes Volodymyr Zelenskyi regarding the situation with tanks: “Every day we make it clear that there is no alternative, that a decision regarding tanks must be made.” And he emphasizes that the decision has not yet been made because of Germany.

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