What was written in the world about the war in Ukraine on December 26

What was written in the world about the war in Ukraine on December 26

The Guardian

Edition offers the publication “History’s Revenge in Ukraine: A Year of War Shaken the World Order”, where the author analyzes the Russian-Ukrainian war and its impact on the world. It is noted that the decisive tools for mobilization are the collective memory, which the country studies, its common sense of its own history, and this is as important on the battlefield as weapons, it is the incentive of Ukrainians.

Also in one of the blogs it is said about how courage has become key in the spirit of 2022. Lessons of fearlessness and strength of spirit of Ukrainians inspire everyone in the world. But in order to honor the heroes among us, we also need to be brave, the author believes.

What was written in the world about the war in

Russian Ministry of Defense statedthat a Ukrainian drone that attacked a military airfield in Engels, deep in Russia, was shot down on the approach to the air base, but as a result of falling debris, three soldiers died.

Also edition write about emergency power outages in Ukraine. It is noted that due to excess energy consumption, emergency shutdowns are carried out in several regions of the country, including Kyiv.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin plan to hold talks this week, reports edition. However, the time or format of the conversation is currently unknown.

Also is notedthat on Christmas Day, December 25, Russia launched more than 40 missile strikes on Ukraine, despite President Vladimir Putin saying he was “ready to negotiate.”

In Belarus declaredthat the Russian Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and the S-400 air defense systems deployed on its territory are ready to perform their tasks.

The New York Times

In Moscow declared, that as a result of an attack by a Ukrainian drone on the military airbase in Engels, three servicemen were killed. The Russian Federation claims that the drone was shot down on the approach to the airfield. This is the second similar attack on the Engelsk Air Base in a month.

Edition writethat Volodymyr Zelenskyi has warned Ukrainians that the Russian military may intensify its missile attack on the Ukrainian power grid in the coming days in order to knock out most of the country before the New Year.

After the deadly weekend attack on civilians in Kherson urged to evacuate as Russian forces still pose a threat to the newly recaptured city.

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Also the NYT reports, that Belarusian President Oleksandr Lukashenko is in Russia due to fears of a new attack on Ukraine. In particular, it is noted that the meeting is taking place in response to Putin’s recent visit to Belarus, as the Belarusian president fears that the Kremlin may use Belarus as a launching pad for a new ground offensive against Ukraine.

In addition, the edition laid out the chronology of attacks on the territory or assets of Russia during the war in Ukraine. Russia has suffered a series of high-profile attacks since invading Ukraine in February. Some of them took place on Russian soil, while others resulted in the damage or destruction of significant military assets. All of them have revealed security gaps that are embarrassing the government in Moscow, the media reports. In some cases, Ukraine has hinted that it bears responsibility.

It’s going and about how the Ukrainian military controls the Russians with the help of drones, including offering the occupiers to surrender. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began using this program of using drones in December.

Edition writeas many Christians around the world celebrated Christmas, Ukrainian defenders battled the enemy near Lyman in Donetsk region, a major rail hub town that was liberated from the Russians in October.

To the readers they tellas after hundreds of missiles and drones targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure left dozens of cities without Christmas lights, some cities have found inventive ways to bring back the holiday season with decorations — and without wasting precious electricity.

The Washington Post

Edition write, that Hungarian President Viktor Orbán is another strong problematic leader. Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister, known for suppressing political opposition and using his national press as his own mouthpiece, insists that Ukrainians who speak his language need protection and financial aid, and he allows his government to illegally issue passports to Ukrainian citizens.


In Moscow declared, that as a result of an attack by a Ukrainian drone of a bomber airbase on the airbase in Engels, in the south of Russia, three people were killed. Air defenses shot down the drone near Engels Air Force Base, but falling debris fatally injured three technicians.

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Edition tells the story of a refugee from Kharkiv who fled to Great Britain at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. When Russia attacked Ukraine, Veronika Akhafonova played the piano to drown out the sounds of the explosions.


Publications, like most international mass media, reportsthat three Russian servicemen were killed on Monday, December 26, after a Ukrainian drone was shot down by air defenses as it approached a military airfield in the Saratov region, deep inside Russian territory.

Vladimir Putin stated that he is ready to “negotiate with all those involved in this process regarding acceptable solutions” regarding the war in Ukraine. However, how notes publication, Putin’s words came at a time when Russia continues its offensive against Ukraine.

Journalists too quoted of President Volodymyr Zelensky, who warned that Russia will try to make the last days of the year “dark and difficult”, so Zelensky called on Ukrainians to “be ready for any scenario” and “remember where the closest point of invincibility is.”

In Moscow declaredthat three Russian servicemen were killed on Monday, December 26, after a Ukrainian drone was shot down by air defenses as it approached a military airfield in the Saratov region, deep in the Russian rear.

At the same time, the publication notes, that the spokesman of the Air Force of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat did not take direct responsibility for the incident with a drone at the Russian military facility in Engels, Saratov region, which resulted in the death of three Russian servicemen. But he suggested that the attack was “a consequence of what Russia is doing.”

Ukraine requires exclude Russia from the UN Security Council and the UN as a whole. In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complained about “the illegitimacy of the presence of the Russian Federation in the UN Security Council and in the UN as a whole.”

It is reported, that on Saturday, December 24, Russia shelled the Kherson region more than 70 times. At least 16 people were killed in the attack.

In Russia declared, which are ready to resume gas supplies to Europe via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, which was previously stopped for political reasons. Earlier, “Gazprom” stopped supplying gas through this gas pipeline passing through Poland, and stopped sending gas to the distributor in Germany.

What was written in the world about the war in


Edition reported about a drone attack on the Engels air base in the depths of Russia for the second time in a month, as a result of which three servicemen died. It is noted that this probably indicates Ukraine’s readiness to confront offensive threats far beyond the border.

In the blog laid out the view that the war in Ukraine is a decisive struggle for the future of Europe, its geostrategic reconfiguration and, ultimately, its new security architecture. This marks a tectonic shift in the evolution of the continent, caused both by Putin’s historical miscalculation and the resistance of the Ukrainian people. And the quick, almost instinctive response of the United States to provide military and economic aid only accelerated this change.

Also is offered article about how queen anne of france taught current president emmanuel macron a lesson. It is noted that the story of Anna Yaroslavna shows how Kyiv shaped Europe for a long time, and it should not be kept aside.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Polish journalists they tell the history of the family from Lviv Natalia and Oleg Rainyky. At the beginning of the war, Natalya and her three daughters came to Warsaw, then their lives changed in one day. The family plans to return to Ukraine, but the question is when.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has confirmed reports of shelling of the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region, where strategic bombers are stationed. Edition writethat after another attack, the authorities of the region assure that the residents are not in danger.

It’s going and that the Kremlin’s bloody war is ruining the lives of Ukrainians and Russians. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed, even more wounded, and many were missing. The statistics are still not exact, but still shocking.

Publications as well reports, that since the beginning of the war, the Russians have been destroying Ukrainian civil infrastructure with massive missile strikes, and since September they have had Iranian kamikaze drones at their disposal. In response, the Ukrainians use modernized drones from the USSR.

It is noted, that a new protest song by the Russian band Pussy Riot against the war in Ukraine, called “Mom, don’t watch TV,” appeared. The group calls for ending cooperation with Russia and bringing Vladimir Putin and his associates to justice for war crimes in Ukraine.

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Media too tells the story of a Russian who fled from the Russian Federation to Poland a few months ago. According to him, he lived in Russia all his life, but he never felt Russian, his parents were Poles. It is impossible to live in this country, if you stay, you start to believe, and the Internet is blocked. Now in Poland he has to prove that he is not Putin’s agent.

It is offered also the opinion that war is good for everything for a Russian. There was no happiness, this misfortune helped – say the Russians. And the tragedy of the war in Ukraine led to the fact that the authorities suddenly began to tell the nation how badly it had fared under the long rule of Vladimir Putin. The network is full of propaganda videos that explain the Kremlin to its subjects. how you can change a dog’s life.

The publication also reprints an article published in The New York Times, where it is said that US officials believe that as Russia builds up its defenses and learns from them, it will be more difficult for Ukraine to regain territory.

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