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When do you need psychiatric help?® | News from Kharkiv and Ukraine

Depression is one of the most common diseases today. A clinically confirmed diagnosis is a reason to start taking antidepressants, a large selection of which you will find at the link https://apteka911.ua/shop/lekarstvennyie-preparatyi/antidepressantyi using the medical information system apteka911. However, only a doctor should prescribe psychotropic drugs. How do you know if you need specialist help?

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Top 5 signs of depression

Depression requires a serious approach to treatment. This is not just pessimism or a desire to see the world only in gray colors, but a disorder in the work of the central nervous system. Among the main symptoms of the disease:

  • depression – a person becomes more whiny, irritable and lethargic, constantly in a state of despondency;
  • a feeling of fatigue – the disease provokes a lack of energy – there is not enough strength even for small tasks, all things are done by inertia;
  • uncertainty – the patient begins to feel his own worthlessness, ceases to believe in his big and small successes;
  • lack of joy – even those things that used to bring pleasure cease to please and no longer arouse interest;
  • Thoughts of death and suicide – in severe depression, a person begins to think about ending his life and may even attempt suicide.

Also accompanying signs are sleep disturbances, severe weight loss or weight gain, agitation or lethargy. Only a doctor can confirm or deny the fact of clinical depression. Actually, if you observe the listed symptoms in yourself or someone close to you, you should not postpone a visit to a psychiatrist. The specialist will determine the features of the clinical picture, the degree of depression and help choose therapy (unless, of course, there is a need for this).

What triggers depression?

Each person has their own level of depression. But it is important to remember one thing: usually the disease appears not because of one reason, but because of a complex of factors. Difficult childhood, life shocks in adulthood, physical illnesses, the presence of addictions – all this can provoke depression.

The state of our psyche directly affects the quality of life. Therefore, it is better to consult a psychiatrist for prevention than to disentangle the consequences of a neglected disease over time.

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