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According to him, everything will end very soon.

War in Ukraine / photo 92 OMBr named after of the basket chieftain Ivan Sirk

Astrologer Vlad Ross pleased all Ukrainians with a prediction about the end of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

In a comment to UNIAN, he said that the war will end in 2024, there will be all the conditions for this. First, dictator Vladimir Putin will die in September-October this year. According to Ross, he has the last stage of cancer and is living out his days.

After his death, Ross continued, there may be a freeze on the war – for the period when the authorities of Ukraine and Russia will conduct negotiations. But next year, the final point in the war will be put.

However, the astrologer says that despite the death of Putin, the winter will be difficult for Ukrainians. Drones and missiles can still be launched at us, especially power facilities can be hit. Therefore, it will not be possible to avoid a blackout.

In general, Ross is inclined to the fact that the full-scale war will end before the elections in America. Soon, Ukraine will be accepted into NATO and there will be no more invasions of our territories.

We will remind you that earlier the astrologer named the exact date of the turning point in the war with Russia.

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