White House: The United States has money for both Ukraine and Israel. Otherwise we will have to send soldiers | News of Ukraine


National Security Advisor to the US President Jake Sullivan said that the United States has the ability to simultaneously help Ukraine and Israel. This is what he’s talking about reported at a White House briefing.

According to him, the United States is capable of supporting Ukraine in Europe, Israel in the Middle East, as well as its allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

β€œAnd part of our job is to make sure all these theaters are open at the same time,” Sullivan said.

He noted that assistance to Ukraine is incomparable with the costs that would be necessary in the event of Kyiv’s defeat.

β€œIf aggression potentially continues throughout Europe, it is much more profitable to take action now rather than pay a huge price later, which may ultimately require the actual deployment of American troops,” the US presidential adviser said.

The official stressed that allegations that Washington cannot support Ukraine and Israel at the same time are false.

  • Earlier, The Telegraph wrote that the US President’s team Joe Biden plans to ask Congress for the largest aid package in history for Ukraine, the amount could reach $100 billion.
  • However, according to US legislators, $100 billion is the β€œceiling”, but in reality such a package could be from $50 billion.
  • On October 12, the 16th meeting in the Ramstein format will take place in Brussels.

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