Why Zelensky went to “Rammstein”


And this is directly related to his statements that he will go for a second term. Well, the type that won’t leave the country during the war, forgive me. Yes, the OP is already fully thinking about the spring elections. Because he perfectly understands that Ze will not have a chance even in a year in the fall.

And this is directly related to the sharp drop in the rating. And with the fact that the West wants to tolerate our bullish character less and less. There are fewer and fewer places for applause and PR speeches. Therefore, you should use any excuse to get dust in your eyes.

That is why he relied on Rammstein. OP is now convulsively trying to jump off a very unfavorable history of constant failures and failures. Both inside the country and outside its borders.

Of course, not through the dismissal of Tatarov, Shurma, Hetmantsev, Smirnov and Co. I don’t even remember Yermak. You can arrest a couple more mayors to feed the stupid plebs as a means of fighting corruption. And poke the West in the spade – well, you said – we did.

Therefore, it is urgent to show Ze as the leader of a struggling nation. And not a pathetic coverer of corruption and an applause maniac. Who is stuck in his confidence that everyone is to blame for him.

In addition, it must be shown that he is supposedly still the “leader of the free world”, who needs to hug someone on the shoulders to make him popular. And that he is not involved in some results at the front that are not as bad as it seemed. Zaluzhny and the bad military are to blame for everything. And he is good, everything depends on him, only you need to talk to him. All victories are his, failures are none. The victory parade, so that it does not happen, should be accepted only by him.

Karoch yermachnya follows the path of Reznikov. Who tried to cover his “corruption eggs” by riding on Western armored vehicles. Now Zelensky climbs onto the same armored car.

… Meanwhile, the Rashists went on the offensive from Kupyansk to Bakhmut and Avdiivka. The defense forces are fighting hard and bloody battles to stop the enemy’s new reserves.

And Yermachnya continues the “second term” operation. Who cares, as they say.

ZY: But you don’t need to tell me how Ze with one presence will help you get something new, explain everything and sway you to your side. Everything is just the opposite, unfortunately. And it’s been a long time… A visit to the USA and a scandal with the Poles helped.

Everything we will get – we would get it anyway. Without his presence. So this is just a story about “riding on a gift armored car”.


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