With the money that Ukrainians collected for "Bayraktary", they bought a satellite |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

With the money that Ukrainians collected for “Bayraktary”, they bought a satellite | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation bought a satellite that will transmit satellite images to the Armed Forces, as well as access to data from the ICEYE satellite constellation. The project was implemented with the money collected by Ukrainians for “Bayraktary” – they were not spent, because the Turkish company handed over these drones for free.

Serhiy Prytula and his charitable foundation announced this on August 18, he writes Public

The agreement was signed with the ICEYE company, which will provide the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with full access to all the capabilities of one of its satellites, which is already in orbit in the required region.

It is noted that in this way the Armed Forces will be able to receive satellite images of critical areas with a high update frequency. This will provide defenders with satellite surveillance capabilities.

The fund says that 600 million hryvnias, collected within the framework of the “People’s Bayraktar” project, were directed to the project.

Prytula noted that access to the satellite was purchased for more than a year.

“Ukrainians, you are space… From now on, our army will receive high-quality satellite images as quickly as possible, which will help us with operational planning of operations. There will be plenty of cotton!” – explains Prytula.

In the previous version of the news, it was said that the charity fund paid for the use of the satellite itself. Serhiy Prytula clarified to us that it is about both the purchase of access to satellite data and the purchase of one satellite.

ICEYE explained that their technology allows for the formation of high-resolution satellite images during the day, at night and through clouds.

“Thanks to this agreement, ICEYE continues its efforts to provide objective data and technological support to Ukraine… We strongly believe that SAR technology and its capabilities will continue to bring significant benefits to the Government of Ukraine,” says ICEYE CEO Rafal Modzhevsky.

Andriy Yusov, spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, explained to us in a comment that before this Ukraine actively exchanged various information with partners, including satellite data. But access to a satellite will enhance intelligence capabilities.

“Yes, of course, we had such data, including our own. But such help is necessary, because it strengthens our capabilities. This is definitely a plus,” said the spokesperson.

People’s “Bayraktars”

The money for them was collected in June. At first, they planned to collect the funds in a week and only for three drones. But they managed to exceed the set goal in three days, collecting 600 million hryvnias. This money was enough for four “Bayraktars” for the Armed Forces. However, the Turkish company Baykar announced that it will provide Ukraine with attack drones for free.

Prytula said that these drones are currently in production and are being prepared for shipment to Ukraine at the end of summer.

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