Women will be given a uniform - Reznikov  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Women will be given a uniform – Reznikov

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov reported that currently 41,000 women serve in the Armed Forces, and about 19,000 more are civilian employees who work for the needs of the army. About 5,000 women are directly involved in hostilities.

He noted that today Ukraine has a strong indicator of the number of women in the Armed Forces, even among NATO member countries. The number of female military personnel in the armies of NATO member countries ranges from 0.3% to 20%. In the USA, for example, 17%, in Great Britain – 11%, in Poland – 7%, in Denmark – 8%, in Estonia – 10%, etc. 9% of the ranks of the Armed Forces are women.

“At the same time, the question of the availability of appropriate clothes and underwear was still quite acute. It is for our servicewomen. When in the summer, at the initiative of the #ArmWomenNow project and the public initiative #FormaTwo and with the participation of the adviser – authorized by the President of Ukraine on barrier-free issues, the Ministry of Defense began to work on samples of women’s uniforms, to study experience, it turned out that quite a few countries in whose armies are represented women’s field uniform. By the way, not even in all NATO member countries, whose standard is used for tailoring. And in general, women’s military uniforms have not been commonplace in any country for a long time,” Reznikov noted.

The Minister reported that the first batches of women’s uniforms and underwear have already arrived at several brigades for testing. Together with volunteers, two versions of suits and underwear for female military personnel have been produced, which will be tested during experimental wear in military units. Also, during the experimental wearing, the existing model of the field suit will be investigated, by disassembling it and giving the female defenders a coat and pants of different mesh sizes.

After testing the uniforms by the defenders, after receiving comments and wishes from them, the copies will be refined by the manufacturer, after which changes will be made to the order of the Ministry of Defense “On approval of the Rules for wearing military uniforms and insignia by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and lyceums of military lyceums”.

In addition, according to Reznikov, work will begin in January on the introduction of a separate type of high-toed boots for female military personnel. The same applies to body armor, taking into account anthropological properties.

“By the way, an experimental sample of such a bulletproof vest has already been developed by our domestic manufacturers: with means for redistributing the load, etc. After completing the cycle of tests according to the established procedures, he will join the army,” the minister said.

Reznikov noted that there should be a separate issue of providing uniforms for pregnant women.

“Unfortunately, there are gaps here. And we have to work on it too. Such a uniform is already provided, for example, for female military personnel in Germany. Last year, overalls for pregnant women began to be tested in the US military. I know that volunteers were not absent in Ukraine either – I read about a uniform for pregnant women sewn by one of the servicewomen,” Reznikov wrote.

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