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Head of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping told the US President Joe Bidenthat China has no intention of attacking Taiwan in the “coming years.” This was announced by an unnamed American official after negotiations between the leaders in San Francisco. transmits The Independent.

He said Xi said China “has no immediate plans for military action against Taiwan in the coming years.”

He noted that the Chinese ruler expressed hope for a peaceful “reunification” with Taiwan, but at the same time outlined the conditions under which Beijing could use military force.

During the dialogue, the head of China said that the fate of the island is the biggest threat to US-China relations.

The official stressed that in response, Biden told Xi that the US is “committed to maintaining peace and stability in the region, which can be achieved by maintaining the status quo and forcing China to respect the elections in Taiwan.”

  • On June 19, 2023, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a meeting with Blinken Beijing said there was “no room for compromise” on a self-ruled Taiwan.
  • On June 27, Taiwan announced that it would shoot down Chinese planes and sink Chinese ships off its coast.
  • Leader of China Xi Jinping On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he declared that no force would stand in the way of returning self-governing Taiwan to Chinese control.

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