You can apply for a mortgage in Diya: how exactly it works

You can apply for a mortgage in Diya: how exactly it works

Starting from October, the “eOselya” subsidized state mortgage program was launched on the Diya portal. Currently, it has worked in test mode.

About this reports Anzhelika Ivanova, head of communications at Ukrfinzhitlo PJSC.

According to Ivanova, the following will be able to use the program this year:

  • military;
  • law enforcement officers;
  • medical workers;
  • teachers and scientists who work in institutions of state and communal forms of ownership.

“The test mode is that all applications will be accepted through Diya. Currently, all technical nuances are being finalized in order to make this service as accessible and convenient for citizens as possible, both through the portal and on the phone. It is currently only available through the portal. We urge citizens to wait a little to use the service, which will be fully operational”– explained the head of communications of PJSC.

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September 20, 2022, 3:57 p.m

At the same time, Ivanova could not name the exact number of apartments that will be provided by the end of the year.

“But we will be talking about hundreds of apartments, maybe more”she added.

As noted, the program will be available to all citizens of Ukraine from 2023.

In order to use the program, it is necessary to be able to pay and not to own a home that exceeds 52.5 square meters. meters, not to participate in other programs and not be under sanctions.

“According to the terms of the program, you can purchase no more than 52.5 square meters. m per person, plus 21 square meters. m for each subsequent family member. It should not be housing in temporarily occupied territories and older than 10 years, if we are talking about cities with millions. It can also be “secondary housing”– said the representative of “Ukrfinzhitlo”.

We would like to remind you that it will be possible to submit an application to “Dia” for housing that has been destroyed since 2014.

Earlier it became known how many applications for damaged housing have already been submitted by Ukrainians.

Automatic registration of LLCs was also launched at Diya.

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