Zaluzhny named the number of Russian losses in the Avdeevsky direction – about 1000 invaders | News of Ukraine


Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny named the number of Russian losses during the month of its assault on Avdeevka. According to him, about 1,000 Russian occupiers were eliminated among the personnel of the Russian Armed Forces.

β€œIt’s been a month since the enemy began to actively storm Avdeevka. A month of stubborn fighting, endurance and valor of our defenders, who continue to heroically hold the defense,” the commander-in-chief wrote in Telegram.

He said that during this time the Defense Forces had eliminated about 1,000 Russian personnel, destroyed more than 100 enemy tanks, 250 other armored vehicles, about fifty artillery systems and 7 Su-25 aircraft.

Zaluzhny thanked the infantry, artillerymen, tank crews, reconnaissance officers, UAV operators involved in the defense of Avdiivka, as well as doctors for helping the soldiers.

  • Combat People’s Deputy Kostenko believes that even if the Russians capture Avdeevka, they will not be able to develop their success further.
  • The military predicts that the occupiers are amassing forces for new large-scale attacks on Avdiivka.

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