Zelensky about the delegation to the USA: We are doing everything to maintain the reliability of Ukraine’s position | News of Ukraine


The Ukrainian delegation is working with international partners during a visit to the United States – “preparing for next year,” the president said Vladimir Zelensky in his evening video message. According to him, it will not be easy, but the authorities are “doing everything” to ensure that Ukraine’s position remains reliable.

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“We continue to work with our partners, primarily in the United States, to ensure that support for Ukraine remains exactly at the level that is needed now. I am grateful to our partners for understanding Ukrainian needs,” he said.

The President said that a Ukrainian delegation is now in the US capital Washington: First Deputy Prime Minister Yulia SviridenkoHead of the Office Andrey Ermakrepresentatives of the Ministry of Justice and teams promoting, among other things, strengthening sanctions against Russia and the use of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to support Ukraine.

Zelensky said that “significant meetings” took place with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his team, national security advisers to the US President and the leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain, representatives of American social forces, heads of international financial institutions and development agencies: “We are preparing for next year.”

“It will not be easy. We are aware of this. But we are doing everything to ensure that Ukraine’s position remains reliable. And in the coming weeks, appropriate work is planned with European and our other partners,” the head of state concluded.

  • On November 14, the head of the OP met in Washington with advisers to the leaders of the United States, Germany, Great Britain and France, where he promoted the view that now, when Ukraine has “three times more occupiers than at the beginning of the big war,” the Defense Forces need increased support from allies.

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