"Zelensky and I don't teach Zaluzny to fight."  Reznikov's interview - in a minute - news of Ukraine, Politics

“Zelensky and I don’t teach Zaluzny to fight.” Reznikov’s interview – in a minute – news of Ukraine, Politics

Defense Minister Reznikov gave an interview to BBC Ukraine: when the war ends, will there be planes and why Spartz is wrong

Minister of Defense Alexey Reznikov gave an interview BBC Ukraine. He explained why American F-16 aircraft are not suitable Ukraine (and what alternative) and that in May Ukraine lost up to 100 soldiers daily in battles with the Russian troops.

LIGA.net selected 12 key quotes from the minister’s interview.

Ukrainian air defense shoots down 50% of missiles. “If our air defense did not work, then, believe me, the horror would be many times greater. When I say “many times more”, I mean that 50% of the missiles flying into our cities are shot down by our air defense … Today there is no 100% protection from cruise and ballistic missiles of a certain type, for example, from the same “Caliber” … Therefore, I would not undertake to say that it is possible to close the sky completely. But we are obliged to improve the air defense and missile defense systems. “

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Last year there was no chance to even get a Stinger. “Last November, the chance to get a Stinger was zero. During my visit to Washington, they personally told me: “Stinger is impossible, Alexey.” Me: “How impossible?” They say: “The law forbids” – “So change the law” – “Impossible “. This was told to me in November. And already in January we got the first 100 stingers from our friends in Lithuania with the consent, of course, of the United States.”

Our airfields are not ready for the F-16. But there is an alternative. “And there will be planes. The question is which ones. Because if someone thinks that F-16 planes are the solution, then they are deeply mistaken. Our airfields are not ready for the F-16, there are nuances. Perhaps we need other planes. Not only F-16s are good, there are other aircraft of the modern standard, such as the Swedish-made Gripen.”

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Zelensky does not teach Deserving fight. “We agreed with Mr. Zaluzhny that I do not teach him to fight. And the president does not teach him to fight. The president sets political tasks, and the military prepares the campaign professionally.”

Promises that Ukrainian troops will reach the borders of 1991. “We will reach the internationally recognized borders as of 1991. Period … The question is the sequence of campaigns and the resource that we need for this. And we are openly discussing this with our partners. They know our plans.”

The agenda does not mean sending to the front. “The summons does not mean that you were taken into the army. It means: please come to the recruitment center. Are you not registered? Go, you’re in reserve.” Or: “Friend, why didn’t you register?”

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The biggest peak of our losses was in May. “Back then, the enemy’s advantage was the greatest, especially in the Donbass direction – they used up to 1,000 artillery shells per hour. girls, unfortunately, died, and up to 300-400 were injured.

But artillery of 155 caliber and HIMARS everything has changed. “Fortunately, after we gradually began to change the picture thanks to the 155-caliber weapons … First we went “Triple Seven”, or “Three Axes”, as they are called (M777 howitzers), then we went M109, “Caesars”, Panzerhaubitze and so on – and this specifically changed the situation. The counter-battery fight immediately reduced the intensity of the fire. And when the well-known HIMARS arrived – then, you know, when we accurately, very clearly fall into their compositions and command centers – this begins to change the picture of the battle very essential.”

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Ending the war before the end of the year is real. What is needed for this. “It is realistic if our partners continue to help us, no longer doubting that they are helping the winner … It is possible … Even from a military point of view, this is an absolutely realistic plan – the liberation of at least our territories as of February 23, 2022” .

He says that the accusations of congresswoman Spartz are similar to the Russian IPSO. “This is the personal opinion of one person, who, unfortunately, does not fully own the facts … As the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, I will tell you that this is not the first time I have met the so-called IPSO, which is launched by our Russian enemies …”

And the reproaches about the alleged smuggling of weapons are nonsense. “As Minister of Defense, I have not received any request from any (foreign) official body… Is smuggling from Ukraine to Europe possible? weighs tens of tons, or a forty-ton “Crab” is complete nonsense. In addition, this is a modern weapon that has GPS trackers in it, which our partners can easily track.”

Ukraine pledged not to fire HIMARS at Russia. “We made a commitment that we would not use high-precision weapons against Russian facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation. We testified to this everywhere, even I personally did this in a letter addressed to my colleague, the head of the Pentagon, that we would use American weapons to deter the enemy and de-occupy temporarily occupied lands only on the territory of Ukraine.

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