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President Vladimir Zelensky reported, that he replaced the commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Instead of Tatyana Ostashchenko, Major General of the Medical Service Anatoly Kazmirchuk, head of the National Military Medical Clinical Center “Main Military Clinical Hospital” in Kyiv, was appointed as the new commander.

The appointment was made on the recommendation of the Minister of Defense Rustema Umerova.

β€œThe task is obvious – and this has been repeatedly said in society, in particular in the community of our combat medics – we need a fundamentally new level of medical support for our soldiers. From high-quality turnstiles to complete digitalization and transparency in supply, from high-quality training to sincere communication with combat “medics in those units where medicine is deployed truly correctly and effectively. The experience of the effectiveness of specific units should be extended to the entire Defense Forces,” the president wrote.

Minister of Defense and Facebook explained why he submitted a proposal for the appointment of a new commander of the Medical Forces.

β€œI believe that the reasons for such a step are obvious to everyone who fights in the ranks of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and to everyone who helps them… It’s time to solve the problems of medical support for our soldiers.”

According to him, β€œmaximum digitalization of processes and compliance with all standards of medical support, including the supply of high-quality medical supplies and medical equipment,” are necessary.

Another task is to raise the tactical medicine training system to NATO standards with appropriate resource support.

It is also necessary to ensure the transfer of experience between the tactical and strategic levels β€œthroughout the entire cycle of treatment of the wounded, injured and sick,” the minister believes.

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