Zelensky arrived in Odesa on October 13: all the details of the visit


He informed about this in Telegram.

“I held a meeting with the military leadership, heads of law enforcement agencies and regional authorities regarding the situation in the city and region. The focus is on preparing for winter, protecting our people, infrastructure and energy from Russian terror,” Zelenskyy wrote.

“Preparation for the heating season, the protection of energy facilities, the consequences of Russian shelling of the port infrastructure, and the needs of the air defense system were discussed in detail,” he added.

Oleg Kiper, the head of the Odesa OVA, informed the head of state that the region is ready for the winter period, boiler houses, heating networks, water supply facilities, educational institutions are prepared, he clarifies press office of the president. Issues related to the supply of generators to relevant facilities and the protection of electrical substations have been worked out.

“Commander of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksiy Neizhpapa reported on the operational situation in the area of ​​responsibility. In particular, he informed the head of state about Russia’s attempts to disrupt civilian shipping and Ukraine’s actions to prevent this, about special operations in the Black Sea to combat Russian missile carriers.” – says the message.

What is known about the heating season in Ukraine

On August 12, the Ministry of Energy reported that planned repairs at energy facilities in Ukraine are proceeding according to schedule, but the worst situation with preparations for the new heating season is observed in regions bordering Russia, as well as in frontline territories.

On August 13, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that Ukraine is forming multi-level protection of energy facilities.

On August 18, it became known that protective structures are being erected around Trypilska and Zmiivska TPPs, which are part of Centerenergo.

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko said on September 21 that the Ukrainian energy system is fully ready for the autumn-winter period. At the same time, the head of NEC “Ukrenergo” Volodymyr Kudrytskyi called on businesses and ordinary Ukrainians to prepare for possible blackouts due to possible massive attacks by the Russian Federation.

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