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Now it is important not to weaken the pressure on the Russian occupiers, so as not to lose the initiative on the battlefield. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine, President, said this at a meeting of allies in the anti-Putin coalition in the Ramstein format in Belgium Vladimir Zelensky.

According to him, β€œwe are now in a special situation on the front line.”

β€œIn such a situation, when it is important to put pressure. Without pauses. You all understand the principles of effective defense. It is this kind of defense that does not leave the enemy a chance to rest, recuperate, or choose some other tactic of action,” the head of state said, addressing representatives of the allies .

Zelensky assured that Russia has β€œlost the initiative” and β€œwe are pressing on it.” He added that β€œit is Ukrainian courage and your support that determines what happens on the battlefield and, most importantly, what happens on the battlefield.”

β€œAnd although the invaders are still trying to storm our positions, and although the defense and our counter-offensive actions are very difficult, it is still Ukraine, it is our soldiers who determine the course of events,” he said.

At the same briefing, the head of the Pentagon explained the importance of assistance to Ukraine.

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