Zelensky called on the EU to help create a reliable shield over Ukraine against Russian missiles and introduce even more sanctions against aggressor countries

Zelensky called on the EU to help create a reliable shield over Ukraine against Russian missiles and introduce even more sanctions against aggressor countries

This is the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi said while addressing the European Council.

“Attacks by Russian cruise missiles and Iranian strike drones have destroyed more than a third of our energy infrastructure. Because of this, unfortunately, we can no longer export electricity to help you maintain stability. However, this is only part of the problem. Russia is also provoking a new wave of migration of Ukrainians to EU countries. Russian terror against our energy facilities is aimed at creating as many problems as possible with electricity and heat in Ukraine this fall and winter and to have as many Ukrainians go to your countries. The terrorist state has already worsened the social conditions in your countries, but it wants to worsen it even more. provoking a wave of resettlement. This must be answered immediately,” Zelenskyi said.

The President noted that the first, fundamental answer is anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

“We must do everything possible to make it completely impossible for Russia to destroy our energy system with missiles and drones. We have already received from Germany a very effective IRIS-T system. I thank Mr. Chancellor for this. This German system protects not only Ukrainian skies. It protects European stability by limiting the Russian terror that strikes both our country and, in the future, your countries. But we need more air defense and anti-missile systems to create a truly reliable air shield. I know that some EU countries have already confirmed their participation in this work. And I urge you to speed up the implementation of the solutions as much as possible. I am turning now to France, Italy, to our other partners, and not only in Europe, but also in the United States of America. Not only to those who produce air defense and anti-missile defense, but also to those who have the necessary systems. The more protected Ukrainian skies are, the more stable life will be in all of Europe. We have to ensure this,” Zelensky noted.

The second response should be sanctions.

“New powerful sanctions against both Russia and Iran for cooperation with a terrorist state. Although we have destroyed more than 200 Iranian drones this month alone, and dozens have hit various targets, representatives of Iran still lie as if they did not hand over drones to Russia . Russia must pay for this terror. And this must be reflected in the ninth EU sanctions package. Iran must be deprived of any possibility or even desire to supply such drones to anyone. It is good that the first step has already been taken: new individual sanctions against Iranian figures and companies. But a few individuals and companies are not yet responsible. More systematic steps are needed. You and I can, and therefore must, do everything to ensure that this terrorist plan of the Russian leadership also fails. Never again will the energy system of any country should turn into a battlefield. Right now, using the example of Russia and Iran, we can show what awaits any terrorist state if it tries to hit Europeans like this or any what other peoples,” said Zelensky.

The president also noted that anyone who calls for the relaxation of sanctions against Russia for terror or tries to politically torpedo the sanctions mechanism is not only trying to make Russian terror go unpunished and not only betrays the memory of the victims of terror, but also makes the entire European community dependent on the most anti-European power in the modern world.

“Don’t forget, please, about the aspect with Belarus. You know very well that we are doing everything to prevent the people of Belarus from being drawn into the war against our state. But from the territory of Belarus, since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion, missiles have been launched against Ukraine, now added Iranian drones. Therefore, sanctions should be added for such cooperation. And the relevance of our proposal to send international observers to the border of Ukraine and Belarus, who could monitor the security situation, is added daily,” Zelenskyy concluded.

  • We will remind you that the effectiveness of Ukrainian air defense is now at the level of 64%, – General Staff

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