Zelensky congratulated Merry Christmas: Evil has no weapon stronger than the armor given to us by God - video - Ukrainian news, Society

Zelensky congratulated Merry Christmas: Evil has no weapon stronger than the armor given to us by God – video – Ukrainian news, Society

Zelensky congratulated Merry Christmas Evil has no weapon stronger than

President Vladimir Zelensky congratulated Ukrainian Christians of the Western Rite on Christmas. The corresponding video was published in the President’s social networks.

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Here is the text of the congratulations in full:

“Dear people!

These days, millions of people in Ukraine and the world celebrate Christmas. The birth of the Son of God gave people hope for salvation, faith in the victory of goodness and mercy.

Unfortunately, this year all holidays have a bitter aftertaste. And we can feel the usual spirit of Christmas in a different way. Dinner at the family table may not be so tasty and warm. There may be empty chairs near it. And our houses and streets may not be so bright. And Christmas bells may not sound as loud and inspirational – because of the air raid siren or, even worse, gunshots and explosions. And all this together can carry a big threat. This is a loss of faith. In higher powers and their power, in goodness and justice in the world. Loss of hope. Loss of love. Losing yourself…

Isn’t this what the evil and the darkness that have rebelled against us want in their essence?

We have been fighting them for over 300 days and eight years. And are we going to let them get what they want?

In this battle, we have another powerful and effective weapon. Hammer and sword of our spirit and consciousness. The wisdom of God. Courage and bravery. Virtues that incline us to do good and overcome evil.

The main act of courage is endurance and bringing your work to the end no matter what. Truth guides our way. We know her. We protect her. Our truth is a struggle for freedom. Freedom has a high price. But slavery is still higher.

Faith and patience light the way for us. Patience and faith. These are twin forces. As it was said, “he who controls himself is better than the conqueror of the city.” To endure does not mean to accept the circumstances. Patience sees to it that we do not let the slightest doubt or fear into our minds. This is self-confidence.

Evil has no weapon stronger than the armor given to us by God. Evil breaks against this armor like a stone wall. We have seen this more than once. We withstood at the beginning of the war, withstood attacks, threats, nuclear blackmail, terror, missile strikes. Let’s get through this winter. Because we know what we are fighting for.

We go forward through thorns to the stars, knowing what awaits at the end of the path. God is a just judge, rewarding good and punishing evil. Which side we are on is obvious. Who is who in this battle is obvious. There are at least seven proofs of this – they are known: “… the eyes are proud, the speech is untruthful, the hands that shed innocent blood, the brain that forges evil plans, quickly running to atrocities, sowing discord, hearts full of hatred.” We resist all of this. And we are a model for others. The faithful, that is, those who truly believe, should be a light to the rest of the world. For more than 300 days, Ukrainians have been striving for this, proving it, and serving as an example for others. We are not righteous, not saints, but we are definitely fighting for good and fighting for light. With faith in biblical prophecy: “Let every valley rise, every mountain and foothills fall, let it become steeper than the plain, and the mountain strands become valleys. The people walking in darkness will see a great Light, and over those sitting in the edge of the shadow of death, Light will shine over them! For a child has been born to us, the Son of God has been given to us!”

We believe that tears will be replaced by joy, despair will be followed by hope, and death will be overcome by life.

Dear Ukrainian people!

Today and all the coming winter holidays we meet in difficult circumstances. Someone will see today the first star in the sky above Bakhmut, Rubizhny, Kremennaya. Along thousands of kilometers of front line. Someone – on the highway, on the way from the Ukrainian-Polish border to the Kherson region or Zaporozhye. Someone will see her through the holes in the roof of their own house damaged by bullets. Someone will meet the holiday in other people’s houses, but not with strangers – Ukrainians who sheltered Ukrainians. In Transcarpathia, Bukovina, Lviv, Frankivsk and many other regions. Someone will hear “Shchedryk” in another language – in Warsaw, Berlin, London, New York, Toronto and many other cities and countries. And someone will celebrate this Christmas in captivity, but let them remember that we are following these people of ours, we will return freedom to all Ukrainians and Ukrainian women.

Wherever we are, we will be together today. Let’s look into the evening sky together. And together we will remember the morning of February 24th. Let’s remember how long we’ve been. Let’s remember Azovstal, Irpen, Bucha, Kramatorsk, Serpentine, Chernobaevka, Izyum, Kherson. We’ll make a wish. One for all. And feel the joy. One for all. And we will understand the truth. One for all. The fact that no kamikaze drones can extinguish a Christmas star. We will see its radiance even underground, in a bomb shelter. We will fill our hearts with warmth and light. No “Daggers” can hurt them. They will break against our steel spirit. And our struggle will continue without stopping. It is not threatened by planned or emergency shutdowns. And we will never experience a shortage of courage and invincibility.

We have experienced a lot of bitter news and will deservedly meet the good news. We will sing carols – cheerfully, as never before – to louder than the sound of the generator. We will hear the voices and greetings of relatives – in the soul, even if communication and the Internet fall. And even in complete darkness, we will find ourselves to hug each other tightly. And if there is no heat, we will hug for a long time to warm each other.

We will celebrate our holidays! As usual. We will smile and be happy. As usual. There is only one difference: we will not wait for a miracle, because we create it ourselves.

Christ is born! Praise him!” the president said.

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