Окупанти хочуть заморозити війну на півроку, щоб стягнути ще більше військ та озброєння на фронт. Москва очікує, що Захід втомиться підтримувати Україну.

Zelensky explained why Russia wants to freeze the war for six months

The occupiers want to freeze the war for six months in order to bring even more troops and weapons to the front. Moscow expects that the West will tire of supporting Ukraine.

This is stated in the statement of the adviser to the OP chairman Mykhailo Podolyak in an interview daily mirror.

«If the West gets tired of the war, then Russia will strike again with all its might“, he explained.

Podolyak emphasized that Ukraine should go on a counteroffensive in order to liberate more territories, especially in the south. This requires more weapons from partners.

«The more and faster we get heavy weapons, the faster we can stop this war“, Podolyak added.

The adviser to the head of the OPU noted that the return of all internationally recognized territories would be a victory for Ukraine.

Earlier, Podoliak called on Germany to increase the supply of weapons.

Fuente: Slovoidilo.ua

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