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President Vladimir Zelensky dismissed Alexander Tarasovsky from his post as deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

“Dismiss Alexander Alekseevich Tarasovsky from the post of deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine,” it says relevant decree head of state.

There is no decree appointing a successor to the deputy head of the SVR yet.

Tarasovsky was appointed to the post on January 21, 2022, a month before the large-scale Russian invasion, and served for almost two years.

In February 2012, then-President Victor Yanukovich dismissed Tarasovsky from the post of head of the department for work with personnel of the SBU.

In 2018, Tarasovsky filed declaration about income, according to which he is a pensioner of the SBU, a military serviceman of the SBU until October 21, 2017, and holds/applies to the position of administrative staff of the Central Directorate of the SBU.

In April 2021 Ukrinform referred to Tarasovsky as the head of the personnel department of the SVR.

REFERENCE. The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (SVR) was created in 2004 on the basis of the Department of Intelligence and intelligence units of regional bodies of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The purpose of the SVR is to carry out intelligence activities in the political, economic, military-technical, scientific-technological, information and environmental spheres, participate in the fight against international organized crime, terrorism, and ensure the security of institutions and citizens of Ukraine abroad.

The head of the SVR is a member of the National Security and Defense Council and reports directly to the President of Ukraine.

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