Zelensky has assembled an important Headquarters: Exclusively the front, there are instructions for the military and intelligence | News of Ukraine


President Vladimir Zelensky reported about the next meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, at which exclusively front-line issues were discussed. The military and intelligence received a number of instructions.

โ€œImportant Headquarters. Exclusively about the front, exclusively about our offensive and defensive actions. We received all the current information, gave instructions to the military and intelligence. We continue to work on the liberation of our land,โ€ Zelensky wrote.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported in its morning report that the situation at the front remains difficult – more than 90 military clashes have occurred over the past 24 hours. The Russians are attacking almost the entire front line, with the fiercest fighting continuing in the Avdeevsky, Maryinsky and Kupyansky directions.

  • The previous meeting of the Headquarters took place on October 17. At the meeting there was a report on the protection of the shores of the Black Sea and the Danube region.

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