Zelensky said when Europe will be finally freed from imperialism

Zelensky said when Europe will be finally freed from imperialism

This is Volodymyr Zelenskyi said during an online meeting with German students.

He noted that for a long time European politicians considered relations with Russia’s neighboring countries “through Russian optics.” And this, in turn, “became political fertilizer for the audacity of Russian imperialism. For the confidence of the current master of the Kremlin, that the Europeans are allegedly weak. And that the missile legacy of the Soviet power allegedly outweighs international law, democracy, the strategic goal of uniting Europe, namely the need to guarantee peace on our continent”.

Zelensky added that he is convinced that Russia has made a mistake in its assessment of Ukraine and Europe and will never again control the European space. Despite the fact that the Russian Federation does not admit its mistakes and continues the war, democracies are stronger. And the page of European history, on which the Russian belief in the weakness of Europe is based, will be turned over.

“I am sure that this page of history will be turned forever when we can liberate our cities and villages from Russian terrorists with the help of German “Leopards”, “Marders”, “Cheetahs”. This will be the time when Europe will be finally freed from imperialism , – Zelensky emphasized. – This will be one decision. And how principled it will be! Not the biggest in the entire life of Europe after the fall of the Soviet empire.”

He called on German students “not to be afraid to change the optics” and not to be held hostage by what has outlived its usefulness.

“In order to be strong, one must always see what mistakes have been made. And in order to maintain leadership, one must always recognize the reality. The Ukrainian reality now is that we can win this war… We can restore peace throughout our territory without to leave some pieces of land to the Kremlin for further experiments on people and history. But for this we all have to be together – Ukraine, Germany, the whole free world. And I believe that we will,” Zelenskyy added.

  • Today, January 17, Zelenskyy discussed with German President Steinmeier the need to increase defense support for Ukraine

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