Zelensky signed a law on de-Sovietization of Ukrainian legislation

Zelensky signed a law on de-Sovietization of Ukrainian legislation

The speaker of parliament wrote about this on his Facebook page Ruslan Stefanchuk.

From now on there are no:

  • the desire to implement “Lenin’s ideas of building a communist society”;
  • mentions of the “victories of the Great October Socialist Revolution”;
  • links to programs developed by the Communist Party;
  • priority in the rights of Komsomol members, communists and others.

Within three months, the Cabinet of Ministers must de-ordinate legal documents, as well as develop a new housing, labor and administrative misconduct code.

According to the bill, 1,200 acts of state authorities and administration of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR were repealed.

“I thank all my fellow MPs who helped draft this law and voted in favor of its adoption. Together we have done what MPs have failed to do over the past 30 years of independence,” Ruslan Stefanchuk added.

  • On April 21, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a number of decisions concerning, in particular, de-Sovietization of legislation, exemption from taxation of occupiers’ equipment transferred to the Armed Forces, increase of the state budget reserve fund by UAH 200 billion and other topics.

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