Zelensky: The Russian Federation is trying to mobilize the Crimean Tatars and destroy the Crimean Tatar people

Zelensky: The Russian Federation is trying to mobilize the Crimean Tatars and destroy the Crimean Tatar people

Zelenskyi said this in an evening video message.

"Now in Crimea, in places of compact residence, Crimeans are trying to find and mobilize as many men as possible. We already have proof of this. This is a deliberate attempt by Russia to destroy the Crimean Tatar people, this is a deliberate attempt by the aggressor state to take the lives of as many residents as possible in the territory where Russian troops entered", – said Zelensky. The President called on the residents of the occupied territories to avoid participating in the war against Ukraine in all possible ways and to try to get out of the occupation.

"I have a simple request to all our people who are in the temporarily occupied territory: do the main thing – save your lives and help us weaken and destroy the occupiers. In any way, hide from the Russian mobilization. Avoid subpoenas. Try to leave the free territory of Ukraine. But if you do end up in the Russian army, then sabotage any enemy activity, interfere with any Russian operations, give us all important information about the occupiers – their bases, headquarters, ammunition depots. And at the first opportunity, switch to our positions. Do everything to save life and help liberate Ukraine", – said Zelensky. The President reminded that in September, the Armed Forces of Ukraine released about 9,000 square meters. km

"Since the beginning of active actions in the east of our country in September, about 9 thousand square kilometers of territory, about 400 settlements have already been liberated. This tangible result was achieved thanks to the fact that our people in the temporarily occupied territory help us. Please do everything so that such help becomes more", – said Zelensky. The president also expressed confidence that the international community will condemn Russia’s criminal pseudo-referendums and forced mobilization in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

"The world will react absolutely justly to pseudo-referendums – they will be unequivocally condemned, and to the criminal mobilization that the occupiers are currently trying to carry out in Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, which they still control. These are not just crimes against international law and the law of Ukraine. These are crimes against specific people, against the people", – said Zelensky. It will be recalled that the representation of the president in Crimea provided residents of the occupied peninsula with recommendations on how to avoid mobilization and participation in hostilities. Follow the events in Ukraine and the world together with Espresso! Subscribe to the Telegram channel: https://t.me/espresotb
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